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25 January 2017 Watch

Accident Du Travail "Txwo"

France's Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux (Cheveu, Heimat) make up experimental drone project Accident Du Travail. At the centre of their sound is one of the last remaining ondes Martenot's - an instrument loved by Messiaen and Varese, and carefully packed up and shipped across the channel to OTO last year by a worried Julie.

With previous releases on Bruit Direct Disques and Trilogy Tapes, the duo played a mix of old and new at OTO - with the evening coming together like a precarious evensong for an alternate universe. Arthur Le Fol beautifully captures new track "Txwo" below. You can buy the whole recording over on our digital downloads page, here., and more of Arthur's gorgeous work can be seen on his site at http://www.arthurlefol.com/