Ora Clementi - 1.6.16

Long-form work of duo James Rushford and crys cole. Thick with the past and an uneasy shuffling about in the present, listening to Ora Clementi is both peaceful and unsettling - sort of like being alone in the cinema. Subliminal narratives speak from just behind the curtain and melodies whistle momentarily through the forgotten pipe organ. Stay till the end credits and you might just cry.



1. 1.16.16  - 33:21


Recorded by James Dunn. Mixed by James Dunn. Mastered by James Dunn. Original photo by Bradley Buehrin

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC 

Ora Clementi

Ora Clementi is the duo of Canadian sound artist crys cole and Australian composer-performer James Rushford. Formed in 2013, their collaboration is a unique investigation into liminal performance states, with a focus on text and speech as preconscious thought processes. Central to cole and Rushford's duo are questions surrounding interpretation, the function of memory, semiotics, and the syntactical discipline of sound within both listener and performer. Utilizing various musical approaches in unorthodox and disorienting ways, their work incorporates field recordings, electronics, contact mics, various wind and keyboard instruments, percussion and voice. Using movement, conceptual performance practice and both amplified and acoustic sound, Ora Clementi play with subtleties of sensory perception, invoking a dreamlike context that hovers between musical performance and pure abstraction.

crys cole

crys cole is a Canadian sound artist working in composition, improvised performance and sound installation. Generating subtle and imperfect sounds through haptic gestures, she creates textural works that continuously retune the ear. Delicately seeking to both reveal, and obscure, the intricacy of seemingly mundane sounds and sources. She has exhibited and performed in Canada, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and the USA. In addition to her ongoing collaborations with James Rushford and Oren Ambarchi (AU), she has also worked with Keith Rowe, Lance Austin Olsen, Jamie Drouin, Mathieu Ruhlmann, Tetuzi Akiyama, Seiji Morimoto, Jessika Kenney, Tim Olive and many more. Her work has been published on labels Black Truffle, Penultimate Press, Touch, MeGO, caduc, Bocian, Another Timbre and Infrequency editions.

James Rushford

James Rushford (b. 1985) is a Los Angeles-based Australian composer, keyboardist, violist and improviser. His work is drawn from a familiarity with specific concrète, improvised, avant-garde and collagist languages. He has been commissioned by ensembles including BBC Scottish Symphony, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Neon and has had work featured in the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Ultima Festival, Unsound Festival NY, and Tectonics Festival (Scotland / Israel), among others. Collaborators include Oren Ambarchi, Kassel Jaeger, Klaus Lang, Jon Rose, Golden Fur, Michael Pisaro, crys cole, Graham Lambkin, David Behrman, Sophia Brous, and Joe Talia.