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OTO Digital makes our archive available to all, combining high-quality live recordings from the Cafe alongside specially commissioned albums. Each recording is professionally mixed and mastered in house, and agreed with the artist. The label aims to reflect the diversity of Cafe OTO’s program, support new artists in getting an early stage release out, or showcase new or previously undocumented work from more established names.

OTO Digital also works closely with small independent labels to sell their releases through our shop. Each label is carefully selected, featuring artists with strong ties to OTO’s programme and some long out of print releases. The result is an extensive, constantly expanding catalogue featuring some of the most exciting new music being released today.

Your membership is invaluable in helping us do what we do; keeping our programme as exciting and far-reaching as possible, allowing us to fund incredible new recordings, and support and develop new artists.

Your membership payments also help to subsidise our free concession memberships [link], helping to ensure that OTO’s programme remains accessible to as many people as possible.

If you would like to support us further, you can opt to increase your monthly or annual membership payments when you sign up. Whatever the amount, your contribution is hugely appreciated.



We’ll add five credits to your account each month. Each of these credits can be used to download any recordings from the ‘Digital Downloads’ section of our website - including releases on other labels. If you have credits, you'll be given the option to download any of the available titles under the 'BUY' links.

There is no time limit on using your credits whilst you remain a member.

The website will show you how many credits you have left and when they will next refresh.


Yes. When you download a recording as part of your digital membership we pay the artist £1. For downloads by non-members we pay the artists 50% of receipts.


All of the live recordings available will be professionally mixed and mastered and approved by the artists. Most recordings are sourced from the high quality multi-track hard disc recorder we installed in May 2013 and all are handled with the same attention to quality that we’ve given our vinyl LP releases.

Recordings are available to download as 320k MP3 / 24-bit FLAC files or 320k MP3 / 16-bit FLAC in the case of some older external labels.


Gift Memberships are available across all Membership tiers in periods of 3 months, 6 months and a year. When purchasing the gift membership you will receive a pdf voucher with a unique membership code that can either be sent directly to the recipient or saved to be presented at a later date. Gift memberships do not renew.


All of the album you’ve downloaded can be found on your profile page (log in to the Cafe OTO website and then click on your name in the top right of the screen) where you can re-download the files again at any point.

We would like to acknowledge Sound and Music and The Hub’s ‘Joining the Dots’ project for their support in the development of our digital membership offer.

Latest Downloads

Take a deep breath, this one doesn’t let up for a second! Stockholm-based trio Kyosaku create a swirling maelstrom of sound from guitar, bass and drums that doesn’t so much press you back in your seat with its intensity as send you tumbling out the door and down the road. Recorded in September 2023 under their previous name of Missnöje, the group waste no time setting the pace but charge out of the gates as though this might be the last chance they've got. Finn Loxbo's squalling electric guitar and electronics setup races around the room whilst Elsa Bergman's gnarled and driven electric bass effortlessly weaves between the gaps with a playing style that is no less nimble for it's stomach-rumbling brawn. Through it all, Ryan Packard's seemingly indefatigable drumming rucks and surges in a way that leaves you reeling. This is no empty bedlam though; rather, there's a euphoric, galvanising joy to the sheer, relentless energy of it all. Kyosaku create the clamour; all you have to do is give yourself up to it. In Zen Buddhism, the keisaku is a flat wooden stick or slat used during periods of meditation to remedy sleepiness or lapses of concentration by administering a strike or series of strikes. No worries here, the strikes come thick and fast with an unrelenting fervour that should almost have you levitating by the end. But the Zen aspect is not lost, simply approached from a different direction. Noise can be meditative too, and Kyosaku create such an Augean tumult that by the end of this set's 35+ minutes you're left with a mind that feels shiny, gleaming and new. --  Recorded by Billy SteigerMixed and mastered by Oli BarrettCover photo by Erik Viklund

Delighted to present a series of solo double bass improvisations and compositions from London-based musician, Caius Williams, recorded in March 2023. Across Gwannach's eight tracks Williams' playing spans a wide range of texture and tactility, that at times seems to conjure forth every bit of weight and heft of the instrument’s body and at other times barely seems to graze the strings. Williams gives the impression of being fully present in every aspect of the performance, with the recordings capturing each hiss and rasp of bow on string, each shift and knock of palm on (wooden) body; embracing all of these aspects as being just as much of the whole as the resultant vibration of the strings. There’s an undeniable abundance of technical prowess on display here, but this is no dry academic exercise, and the medium is never the totality of the message. Each of these tracks encompasses a broad swathe of approaches, from gritty fuzz and burr to harmonic-inflected lyricism, and an almost playful curiosity in approach that never feels forced. Above all you get the sense of a fully embodied performance, with each track being given just the right amount of space and depth that it requires. The 'weakness' of the album's title can, at times, stand in stark contrast to the physicality of the performances, but perhaps we shouldn't take this too literally. After all, the relative strength of a single strand of horsehair may not withstand much, but it can still bring forth as much beauty as can be found here. -- All music by Caius WilliamsSession engineered by William LydonMixed by Caius WilliamsMastered by Oli BarrettArtwork by Kit Derbyshire Thanks to Theo, Tara, and Noah for their advice, to Kit for the artwork, and a huge thanks to Abby Thomas, Oli Barrett, and OTOROKU. Special thanks to Tom Challenger for the support.