Matchless Recordings

"A wonderful album of crunch ‘n’ roll, as Manchester drumming -legend Phillip Marks leads Rex Casswell (electric guitar), best known for his tenure in Stock,Hausen & Walkman, and Paul Obermayer (sampler) through some entertaining and very original music. They’ve managed to inject the rhythmic humour of Thelonious Monk into all the abraded textures favoured in post-rock and electronica, vanquishing its tendencies towards Enoesque pretension with ribald physical beats. Casswell is an astonishingly original guitarist, reconstituting the instrument from pick-up to amplifier. His beautifully-judged architectonics provide a cool spritzer to the others’ heat, as well as providing a bridge between the actuality of the drums and the virtuality of the sampler. Obermayer disdains the use of off-the-peg samples which plague much trendy electronica. He uses his sampler to bring tiny sounds into audible range. The resulting timbres are like microscopic slides in the hands of a master surrealist. Swing sans nostalgia achieves electrified materialism. Short track timings add to the decisive feel. Historic!" - Ben Watson --- Rex Casswell / electric guitarPhillip Marks / percussionPaul Obermayer / electronics --- Tracklisting: 1. mal - 3:152. swing - 7:453. meshes - 6:494. Pavo - 10:465. nobody's sweetheart - 3:166. aise - 2:347. Vela - 5:248. Grus - 12:569. swerve - 8:38 --- Recorded at LMC Sound, London, England on 10th April and 18th of September 1999. Front cover: Philip Marks

Bark! - swing