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邓博宇 Deng Bo Yu – Wild Air Waves

"Drummer Deng Boyu's debut solo electronics release. Being almost obsessive about constructing a minimalistic ambiance, his works are full of exquisite and whimsy compositions which shows his characteristic aesthetic of sampling and collage. Deng Boyu has collaborated with many important musicians and bands at home and abroad, including Mamul, Xiaohe, Wu Na, Da Wang Bar, Lee Ranaldo, Marc Ribot, Akira Sakata, Sabu Toyozumi, Steven Buchanan, Federico Casagrande."


Deng Boyu / electronics


Mixed by Liu Ying 设计:魏籽. Design by Weizi 发行:旧天堂书. Recorded in 2011 Released in 2012

Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download


1. 旷 Kuang 06:15
2. 野 Ye 05:20
3. 雪鬼 Xue Gui 04:34
4. 密 Mi 03:12
5. 码 Ma 06:00
6. 黑 Black(Tribute to Miles Davis) 05:29
7. 街 Street 02:09
8. 有点浪 Yes Wave 00:55


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