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Label based out of a book shop & cafe in Shenzhen, China.

"After his self imposed exile from the global world music niche, Mamer found his stage at Shenzhen’s two annual music festivals – Tomorrow Festival and OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival – curated by his loyal friend and supporter Tu Fei, who would always reserve at least one set for Mamer’s newest sonic experimentations. Mamer’s most recent album Faintish Radiation documents his full performances of solo improvisation at the seventh (2017) and eighth (2018) OCT-LOFT Jazz Festivals, in which he performed electric bass, guitar, dombra, jew's harp and vocals. These recordings register Mamer’s trajectory towards a maturing avant garde composer who is able to capture the audience with an everchanging bizarre sonic kaleidoscope, one which summons industrial noise, doom drones, heavy metal riffs, dark and punchy grooves, and broken pieces of folk melodies. In each of his solo performances, Mamer would start from random notes and eventually build up an overpowering atmosphere that is distinctively his own, knowing only too well when to release a delicate Kazakh tune as a reward for intensive listening. Here “Daidiydao”, a heartbreaking love song believed to be composed by Kazakh poet Magzhan Zhumabayev, was unleashed towards the end of the 2018 performance, before an abrupt, typically Mamer stop that ended the whole set. --- 录音 Recording:曾君 Zeng Jun;罗绿野 Luo Lvye混音 Mixing & 母带处理 Mastering:刘英 Liu Ying制作人 Producer:涂飞 Tu Fei设计 Design:尹思卜 Yin Sibo封面照片 Front Cover Photo:@Waitetc_等等其它摄影 Other Photos:阿瓜 Wain;陈鸿@DAFA;蒙润

Faintish Radiation – Mamer

"Born in 1945, Guo Yongzhang has performed zhuizi - a traditional Chinese style of narrative singing - for half a century. An artform whose history spans over a century, zhuizi originated in Henan province. Its main musical instruments are the zhuihu, a two-stringed bowed lute, and the zhuibang, a wooden percussion played with foot tapping.  Almost completely blind, Guo Yongzhang is known for his peculiar, resounding yet smooth vocal style. He sings with deep feelings and great verve. Lyrics deal with both the hardships and good values of life while always maintaining a sense of humour. Despite being long regarded as a folk master, Guo has continued to play tirelessly among ordinary people, often travelling from village to village and performing for a whole day at a time. As he nears the end of his life, Guo regrets that nowadays, few people wish to learn the art ofzhuizi. He worries that this precious art form may soon be lost.  This release, titled after one of Guo Yongzhang’s most well-known songs, Lao Lai Nan, commemorates his performance at the 5th Tomorrow Festival. Guo co-headlined the last day of the festival with French prog-rock act Gong on May 20, 2018. His performance was recorded live and is due to be released on both CD and LP by the Old Heaven label in November 2019. --- Guo Yongzhang /  Zhuihu, Zhuibang, Vocals --- Recorded in the late-1980s, Released in 2018

Guo Yongzhang – Lao Lai Nan (Old Man’s Blues)

Huge compilation of remarkable Chinese musicians in and around the Old Heaven scene in Shenzen, China. Recorded live at Tomorrow festival in Shenzen in 2023, there is music from bigger names Mamer, IZ & Lao Dan alongside local musicians Yang Yi, The Two Other Comrades and Wu Tun. If you're wondering what the festival is like, this is a great taster, or if you're already into Mamer then get to know his peers. Folk / blues / industrial / rock / electronic out of Shenzen. Not ur everyday. “Encore 72 Hours” is a special project including some remarkable Chinese domestic musicians. This release is a live recording compilation of the project. The album set is available on 3LP and 3CD+1DVD. All mixing and mastering are done by famous mixing engineer Liu Ying’s studio thus possess extraordinary quality. The album is not only a recording and a reproduction but also a necessary supplement to a live performance, even an artistic reinvention of acoustic. We hope to strike resonance among some listeners." - Tu Fei Track 1~2
杨一 Yang Yi - 吉他 Guitar / 人声 Vocals / 口琴 Harmonica  Track 3王凡Wang Fan - 笔记本电脑 Laptop Track 4~5马木尔 Mamer - 吉他 Guitar / 人声 Vocals夏力 Xalhar - 吉他 Guitar / 和声 Backing Vocals别克 Araybek - 打击乐 Percussion Track 6~7欢庆 Huang Qing - 吉他 Guitar / 合成器 Synthesizer / 人声 Vocals李琨 Li Kun - 钢琴 Piano / 合成器 Synthesizer / 人声Vocals Track 8~9法茹克 Ph - 吉他 Guitar / 主唱 Vocals翟晓明 Zhai Xiaoming - 贝斯 Bass / 主唱Vocals法如克 Faruk - 鼓 Drums Track 10~12马木尔 Mamer - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocals夏力 Xalhar - 贝斯 Bass / 人声 Vocals别克 Araybek - 鼓 Drums老丹 Lao Dan - 萨克斯 Saxophone(Track 10) Track 13~14吴吞 Wu Tun - 人声 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar / 自行车 Bicycle / 鼓风机 Wind Blower  Track 15~16
小河 Xiao He - 主唱 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar张玮玮 Zhang Weiwei - 手风琴 Accordion郭龙 Guo Long - 打击乐 Percussion Track 17李剑鸿 Li Jianhong - 吉他 Guitar/ 人声Vocals韦玮 VAVABOND - 笔记本电脑 Laptop / 合成器 Synthesizer / 人声 Vocals   Track 18小河 Xiao He - 人声 Vocals / 吉他 Guitar杨一 Yang Yi - 人声 Vocals老丹 Lao Dan - 人声 Vocals / 萨克斯 Saxophone   现场调音 Live Sound Engineer & 录音 Recording:曾君 Zeng Jun,罗绿野 Luo Lvye现场灯光 Stage Lighting Engineer:张坤 Cheung Kwan混音 Mixing & 母带处理 Mastering:刘英 Liu Ying制作人 Producer:涂飞 Tu Fei主视觉设计 Main Visual Design:林溪 LINXI’s Office唱片设计 Album Design & 统筹 Coordinator:尹思卜 Yin Sibo影像出品 Video Production:大發錄像 DAFA“明天音乐节特别策划:返场七十二小时”现场,录制于深圳B10现场,2021年5月21日~23日Live at “Tomorrow Festival Special Project: Encore 72 Hours”, recorded at B10 Live, Shenzhen, May 21~23, 2021旧天堂书店 & 深圳B10现场 联合出品Published by Old Heaven Books & B10 Live, Shenzhen 2022  

Encore 72 Hours – VA