Brunhild Ferrari / Jim O Rourke – Le Piano Englouti

Black Truffle announce the release of Le Piano Englouti (The Sunken Piano), the first collaboration between Brunhild Ferrari and Jim O’Rourke, offering up two side-long realisations of Ferrari’s tape compositions recorded in concert at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe in 2014, revised and mixed by O’Rourke in 2019. The title piece weaves an immersive web of electronics, pre-recorded piano, and field-recorded sounds, including the raging Aegean sea, the tranquil atmospherics of a Japanese island, and the roar of a pachinko parlour. Far from a slice of audio vérité, these geographically distant sites intermingle in an unreal space where they often become indistinguishable.

Shadowed by electronics and reverberant snatches of piano, the field recordings rise up and recede like ocean waves, creating a constantly shifting texture that is nonetheless warmly inviting. Chirping birds are confused with their electronic doubles; snatches of footsteps and voices are engulfed by ambience of unclear origin. Increasingly present throughout the piece, the piano rises up one last time before being swallowed up for good by the pachinko parlour.

Tranquilles Impatiences (Quiet Impatiences) takes as its source material the electronic sounds produced by Luc Ferrari for his 1977 Exercises d’Improvisation, seven tapes intended to be heard alongside instrumental improvisation. Brunhild Ferrari’s piece layers Luc Ferrari’s sounds into a dense new work that emphasises the insistently pulsing rhythms of the source material. In this realisation with O’Rourke, the piece becomes a monumental sound-object, a slowly shifting mass of skittering electronic tones, shimmering reverb, and growling bass from which field-recorded events occasionally arise. At times, the placement of these fragments of real life in a pulsing, insistent musical landscape calls up Luc Ferrari’s classic Petit Symphonie; at other points, the swarming electronics bring to mind O’Rourke's Steamroom work or even the vast expanses of Roland Kayn. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC

Brunhild Ferrari

“Like most of my peers I was born, grew up, attended schools, passed exams, I failed, I loved, I enjoyed life, I worked hard sometimes;
I continue.

With Pierre Schaeffer, I dealt in my first years in Paris with the relationship between sound and image at the Service de la Recherche de l’ORTF;

German origin, I earned my living as an interpreter - translator;

Following Luc Ferrari’s teaching in matters of life, music and composition andcurrently working with him over the course of our 40 years together, I made my own Hörspiele and radio broadcasts for France Culture, KPFA-FM Berkeley, California - WDR (Cologne Radio), SWF, BR (Radio Munich) Deutschlandradio Kultur Berlin ...

I continue learning.

After and since Luc left us in 2005, I am taking care of the preservation of his vast archives; founded the “Association Presque Rien - Friends of Luc Ferrari”; initiated and organize the biennial competition PRESQUE RIEN by providing artists with original sound material from Luc’s archives; edited a book with his writings and documents Musiques dans les spasmespublished by les Presses du Réel, France; try to find a translator and publisher in English language.

I composed music:
I continue.”

Brunhild Ferrari

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