Blood Music – Go off, M8

"Drum improv: polyrhythms, Bonham and Roach and Graves and Art and Bacon and blastbeats and that voice in the fire escape and nowhere and potatoes and the earth and chickens and greeness and moon observance, solos for solo and duo dancing. We all miss being with people. We’re all doing things to keep going, knowing how much worse the experience of the Other could be. One day maybe we’ll play music with other people in a room."


Blood Music - Drums & electronics


Recorded live at The Park Studios rehearsal room, September-October 2020.

The cover is a sketch of Dogen with stuff coming out of and into his eyes.

Play loud.

1 - You Can Only Be Good Enough [05:14]
2 - Three Thousand Four Hundred and Thirty Two Hours of Protest [04:34]
3 - Love Is More than God Could Ever Be [05:56]
4 - What if the Autumn Never Ends [05:40]
5 - Respond, Don't React [06:58]
6 - Be Curious and Flexible [05:00]

Blood Music

Blood Music is sonic artist and poet Simon Pomery. He has released post-punk, taiko-acid, electro-acoustic and spoken word on FLUF, Takuroku, Diagonal, dingn/dents, and The Wormhole. He uses drums and percussion, guitars, strings and synthesis to investigate the auditory potential of the insides of the body. Forthcoming releases are on The Tapeworm and Superpang, and his own Sonic Poetics. He has played in festivals including Berlin Atonal, Les Urbaines, Incubate, Wysing Polyphonic, and venues like Soup, Club Stomp, Les Atelier Claus, Cafe Oto, and a water tank in Lewisham.