Friday 17 January 2020, 7.30pm

Keira Greene presents "Folds" + Rian Treanor / Paul Abbott (duo) + Will Holder: F.R. David "Very good*" book launch

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Rian Treanor & Paul Abbott duo.

Rian Treanor (computer) and Paul Abbott (drums) perform together live for the second time, following their recent debut duo at Counterflows Edinburgh in November 2019.

Keira Greene & Alexandrina Hemsley present their new video work Folds.

Keira Greene Folds (2020).
Folds is a series of filmed portraits made by artist filmmaker Keira Greene with dance artist Alexandrina Hemsley.

The work is choreographed and shot within a film studio using cutting-edge high speed digital camera technology, capable of revealing a hidden world of micro movement through extreme slow motion.

Through a series of specific 8 second dance pieces performed to camera, Hemsley and Greene use this environment to destabilise standards of representational image making, exploring themes of intimacy, permission and ambiguity.

Folds follows earlier experiments where the artists use wet plate collodion—a 19th century photographic process—to generate a series of choreographies and score images exploring performance and duration.

F.R.DAVID “Very good*” book launch

Launch and recital from the 19th issue of F.R.DAVID “Very good*”, edited by Will Holder with Paul Abbott.
Like music, the issue’s “theme” is better off unaccounted for, and up in the air, like a flock of birds (creatures who feature heavily), circling around performance, listening bodies, given time, and loving relations.

F.R.DAVID is a typographical journal, edited by Will Holder, since 2012, dealing with the organisation of reading and writing in contemporary art practices. Since 2017 it is co-published by uh books and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.


Keira Greene

KEIRA GREENE is an artist working across film, photography, performance and text. Her work is preoccupied with the social and organic life and landscape of specific environments. Her work is produced through a collaborative and conversational practice of looking, writing and forming enduring relationships. Recent works are concerned with ideas of the body and the experience of emotion, in dialogue with an embodied filmmaking practice. Film works by Greene are distributed by LUX, she is performance curator with Whitstable Biennale. 

Keira Greene

Rian Treanor

Rian Treanor (b.1988) is an artist and producer based in the North of the UK. His sound practice re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of interlocking and fractured components. Drawing upon his study with Lupo at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering, plus years spent curating the Enjoy artspace in Leeds, Treanor’s sound uses off centred rhythmic arrangements, referencing the dynamics of garage and techno as much as Fluxus and Dada cut-ups.

In 2015 Treanor has focused on his solo sound works, developing musical environments for improvisations within his live performances. He has recently signed to Annex artist agency who are managing bookings for his live shows in conjunction with his debut release on The Death of Rave later in 2015.


Paul Abbott

Paul Abbott works with real and imaginary drums, synthetic sounds, performance and writing: exploring how sounds, signs and the physical body effect each other in experimental musical play.

Recent and ongoing collaborations include—XT with Seymour Wright; F.R.David with Will Holder; Rian Treanor Duo; RP Boo Trio with XT; The Creaking Breeze Ensemble with Nathaniel Mackey, Ute Kanngießer, Evie Ward, Seymour Wright and Billy Steiger; yPLO with Micheal Speers; Falls with Keira Greene and performances with Cara Tolmie.

Paul has performed internationally at Cafe OTO, Talbot Rice Gallery, Whitstable Biennale, Whitechapel Gallery, Raven Row, Tate Modern, Counterflows, Next Festival, KW Institute Berlin, Serralves Porto, Empty Gallery HK. He has records released by OTORoku, Empty Editions, Pleasures of The Text, and published with Cesura//Acceso and F.R.David. Residencies include Cafe OTO, KW Institute, Empty Gallery.

Recent releases include—Deorlaf X (XT), Very Good* (FR David, Will Holder), Ductus (solo), 31.12.18 (XT/RP Boo) Palina’Tufa (XT) and Stop Constant. He was one of the co-editor’s of Cesura//Acceso and a Sound and Music “Embedded” resident artist at Cafe OTO 2015-2016.

Will Holder

Typographer Will Holder is the editor and publisher of F.R.DAVID, a journal concerned with reading and writing. He mediates and reproduces polyphonies of voices as design: bringing meaning and public access to things. His work has taken the form of oral and printed publications; and is informed by an ongoing study of song and music-making as a co-authored process, and conversation as production model for other disciplines. Holder emphasises the role that memory plays between the printed page and the body as live, oral publication. As a self-driven study of graphic notation and collective reading processes, he has initiated a series of publications, with musician Alex Waterman, since 2012: Agapé (Miguel Abreu Gallery), Between Thought and Sound (The Kitchen, NY), The Tiger’s Mind (Sternberg), Yes, But Is It Edible?, The music of Robert Ashley for two or more voices (New Documents) and In Memoriam Mary Cecil… (Ociciwan and uh books).

Alexandrina Hemsley

Alexandrina Hemsley is a dance artist and writer attending to the material unfolding and vibration of language and bodies. Her work is inherently interdisciplinary, working across film, choreography, writing, and participation. Her practice is shaped by and insists on embodied enquiries into a multiplicity of voices. Since 2009, she has worked across dance live art, screendance, mentoring, creative & critical writing. Driven by an interest in fracturing, connectivity, displacement & emotionality, she continually attempts to conjure intersecting, gentle noise amidst oppressive silencing. Collaborations Project O with Jamila Johnson-Small (2011-present, Sadlers Wells Associates) and Seke Chimutengwende (2016-present); Black Holes. Her work has been funded, commissioned & presented by Sadler’s Wells, Somerset House LADA, Battersea Arts Centre, Cambridge Junction, The Place, Southbank Centre, Chisenhale Dance & The Yard.

Alexandrina's critical writing has been published by Sick of The Fringe, a foreword to Selina Thompson's Salt (Faber & Faber), SPILL Festival’s On Body and LADA's Live Art Almanac Vol. 5. Her hybrid poetic texts have been featured in Hereafter (Unbound), Silver Bandage (Bookworks) & Material (Siobhan Davies Dance). Alexandrina's creative writing is regularly self published on their website.

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