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Rie Nakajima & David Toop - Sculpture

Devised and curated by Rie Nakajima and David Toop, 'Sculpture' attempts to draw out the idea of 'event as sculpture, the duration of objects and the weight of actions.' Participants can be musicians, artists, performers, writers or anybody who has something they can present. Nakajima & Toop's guidelines for Sculpture are:

1. You can place your Sculpture in any part of the space except for those that are forbidden by external forces.

2. Please choose the duration of your Sculpture. This can be approximate for your own purposes but please be specific when you tell us the duration.

3. If your Sculpture lasts for longer than the time you have chosen then you may find that the next Sculpture overlaps with yours. Please don’t be alarmed by this.

In their conversation for OTO Broadcast on Resonance FM, 2013, Nakajima & Toop talked about events as sculpture, the duration of objects and the weight of actions. Sculpture is an experience that proposes a strategy, working to subvert the routines of performance as entertainment, lecture as information, literature fixed to the page, the conventions of duration, the direction of light and occupation of a space. Does the sculptor have to be present, or make things? Always end with a question?

The first event took place at OTO on the 26th March 2013 with: 

Max Eastley / Daniela Cascella / Elaine Mitchener / Emi Watanabe / David Cunningham / Marie Roux / Daichi Yoshikawa / John Butcher / Mildred Rambaud / Marjolaine Charbin / Keiko Yamamoto

Rie Nakajima on Vimeo.

The second event took place on the 11th July across Dalston House (the Barbican installation created by Leandro Erlich) and the OTO Project Space. Alongside Toop & Nakajima, the players were:

Angharad Davies and Daniela Cascella / Lina Lapelyte / Stuart Marshall (Heterophonics)

Thanks to photographer Metod Blejec who took those wonderful images: 


Metod has also kindly shared a recording of the event: 

Sculpture has been presented five times since these events - at Central Saint Martins, the Hepworth Wakefield, Lydgalleriet Bergen, Serralves Museu de Arte Comtemporanea Porto, and Ikon in Birmingham.