30 August 2016 ReadWatch

Tender Interval - Paul Abbott

Tender Interval mobilised paraphrased pasts and imaginary futures to intensively explore the present for a way out.

There is no origin nor terminus to our feelings - Gregg Bordowitz

The series was composed of recurring ingredients (in particular): drums, technology, bodies, words and the Cafe Oto Project Space building. For each performance the composition of these elements took form through a specific figure of existing materials taken from a range of sources.

FRX1 (3)

September 16, 2015

The first event of the series, FRX1 (3) learns from: poet Rob Halpern’s text Music For Porn, artist Yvonne Rainer’s choreography Trio A and musician Milford Graves’ concept of ‘emotional subdivisions’.

Yvonna Rainer - Trio A

Rob Halpern - Music for Porn

Milford Graves - emotional subdivisions

“A set of messy stakes and real consequences: against a bland fetish, a hygienic fixture, an allegorical trope: our bodies” - Rob Halpern

FRX2 (n)

October 20, 2015

The second event of the series, FRX2 (n) learns from: musician Cecil Taylor’s solo piano performance recorded at 2:30am in Tokyo, 1973 and fragments of Daniel Heller-Roazen’s Dark Tongues read by Queen of the Shell.

Queen of the shell FRX2

Cecil Taylor Solo in Tokyo

“The gods, husband of Ran, father of Aegir’s daughters, Whose names are

Himinglaeva, Dufa, Blodughadda, Herfring, Unn, Hronn, Bylgia, Bara,

Kolga; land of Ran and of AEgir’s daughters and of ships and of terms

for sea-ship, of keel, stem, planks, strake, of fish, ice; sea-kings’ way

and roads, no less ring of the islands, house of the sands and seaweed and skerries, land of fishing tackle and of sea-birds, of sailing wind."

FRX3 (i2)

November 13, 2015

The third event of the series, FRX3 (i2) learns from conversations: real (WH) and imaginary (Yasunao Tone).

FRX3.5 (Anti-natural adjunct)

FRX4 (ooo)

December 8, 2015

The fourth event of the series, FRX4 (ooo) learns from: Ornette Coleman’s ‘The Empty Foxhole’ and *QOS* kenning & Witold Gombrowicz’s Ferdydurke.

Queen of the Shell FRX4

Ornette Coleman - The Empty Foxhole

Wiltold Gombrowicz - Ferdydurke

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