21.9.14 – Rie Nakajima & Phill Niblock

Despite having known each other for many years, and having a long-held affinity for each other's work, this recording documents the first time Rie Nakajima and Phill Niblock had collaborated together. Recorded in September 2014, the work includes Niblock’s sound collage piece “Crick” and Nakajima performing in response to Niblock’s early seventies film "T H I R”.

Also included in Niblock’s piece ‘Bag’ which was presented on the same night and features David Watson performing on bagpipes.  This recording is from Niblock’s original files.

Digital Download - 320k MP3 / 24bit FLAC


1. Rie Nakajima + Phill Niblock 39:44
2. Phill Niblock 'Bag' 20:59

Rie Nakajima / objects (1)
Phill Niblock / computer
David Watson / bagpipes (2)

Track 1 recorded by Mark Jasper at Cafe OTO on Sunday 21 September 2014. Mixed by James Dunn.  Track 2 recorded and mixed by Phill Niblock. Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at Calyx, Berlin. Photograph by Fabio Lugaro. 

Rie Nakajima

Rie Nakajima is a a sculptor living in London. She has been working on creating installations and performances by responding to physical characters of spaces using combination of motorised devices and found objects. Fusing sculpture and sound, her artistic practice is open to chance and the influence of others. She has exhibited and performed worldwide. She has collaborated with Ikon Gallery(Birmingham), Museo Vostell Malpartida (Cáceres), Tate Modern (London), Serralves Museum (Porto), ShugoArts (Tokyo), Hara Museum (Tokyo) and many others. Her frequent collaborators includes David Cunningham, Keiko Yamamoto, Pierre Berthet, David Toop, Haruko Nakajima and Akira Sakata. 

Phill Niblock

Phill Niblock is a New York-based minimalist composer and multi-media musician and director of Experimental Intermedia, a foundation born in the flames of 1968's barricade-hopping. He has been a maverick presence on the fringes of the avant garde ever since. Niblock constructs big 24-track digitally-processed monolithic microtonal drones. Changes are almost imperceptible, and his music has a tendency of creeping up on you. He says: "What I am doing with my music is to produce something without rhythm or melody, by using many microtones that cause movements very, very slowly." Niblock's performances are almost always accompanied by his films - painstaking studies of manual labour, giving a poetic dignity to sheer gruelling slog of fishermen at work, rice-planters, log-splitters, water-hole dredgers and other back-breaking toilers. Since 1968 Phill has also put on over 1000 concerts in his loft space, including Ryoji Ikeda, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jim O'Rourke.

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