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Ute Kanngiesser – Geäder

This is Ute Kanngiesser's first cello solo release, recorded direct to tape at two locations: The Cafe Oto Project Space, and the clock room at St Augustine's Tower, Hackney.

Recorded and mixed in Spring 2015 by Edward Lucas and Daniel Kordik.
Embroidery by Meghan Springer
Inlay design by Earshots/Dept2

Ute Kanngiesser

Ute Kanngiesser is a London based musician from Germany. She has played classical cello since early childhood and turned to improvisation and experimental music while training in physical theatre and dance in Berlin. Since then, she has thoroughly deconstructed her classical roots and focussed on the immediate material of her instrument - its limitless resonance and pulse, its potential for an elemental music that dissolves conventional notions of rhythm and pitch and what it means to be lyrical.

Most recent collaborations have been with Seymour Wright, Crystabel Riley, Paul Abbott, Keira Greene, Billy Steiger, Evie Ward, Daniel Blumberg, Tom Wheatley, Jim White, Taku Sugimoto, Minami Saeki, Joe McPhee, David Ornette Cherry, and Steve Noble.

Her music has been released on Otoroku, Matchless, Earshots, Another Timbre and Mute. www.utekanngiesser.com