Prants – Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut

On Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut, Prants – the duo of Chris Cooper and Bhob Rainey – fan out beyond established positions as prankish, innovative improvisers. As ever, musical playfulness and seriousness coexist marvelously, but the fascinating atmosphere has mutated further beyond traditional instrumental performance. Squelchy synth madness, howling squeals, and minimal note-making are fastened onto recorded snippets and quietly drifting drones, built deceptively within the formality of collage. Embracing a structured impulsiveness, these pieces provide a jaggedly damaged new angle on the dynamic and textural extremes that have made the musicians’ work so engaging in the past.

"Who is Prants? Is it a typo? Are we talking about Pants? But no, it’s no typo; it’s a duo, a collection of two humans doing a thing together! Prants features two TMT favorites, Bhob Rainey (of nmperign, The BSC, and so on) and Chris Cooper (Angst Hase Pfeffer Naser, Caroliner, Fat Worm of Error), making sounds together. They’ve got a new cassette containing the sounds they’ve made together and recorded, and it’s called Shaker Meet Lead Donut. It’s available now on Bandcamp and from Notice Recordings.

Marked by what the press materials call a “structured impulsiveness,” the two sides of the limited tape (only 100 copies out there!) zip and buzz in all sorts of jagged directions. The second piece, entitled “Igotu Otius,” features contributions from Mary Lattimore and Jesse Sparhawk on harps, June Bender on viola, Eric Coyne on cello, and Matt Stein on contrabass. It also credits “various” with “dry ice.” I don’t know exactly how that works, but I’m into it. If you’re familiar with Rainey’s free-improv maybe-kinda-sorta-possibly jazz work or with Cooper’s sound-stacking whack-attacks, then you can probably form at least a tentative notion of what you’re in for, but no slouching!" - Tiny Mix Tapes


Performed and mixed by Bhob Rainey and Chris Cooper

On Igotu Otius you shall hear
Cello - Eric Coyne
Contrabass - Matt Stein
Harp - Jesse Sparhawk, Mary Lattimore
Viola - June Bender
Dry Ice - Various

Mastered by Bhob Rainey

Artwork and layout by E. Lindorff-Ellery
Printed by Fitzgerald Letterpress

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. Vapor Viper - 14:56
2. Igotu Otius - 13:40