Not Usurper / Usurper – Not Usurper / Usurper

A Self-titled split album, featuring the debut recording from new band Not Usurper, and a new recording from old band Usurper.
Just like Nietzsche’s studies on what constitutes Good and Evil, what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in Usurper’s world of aural mischief is hard to decipher. Over the past two decades Ali and Malcy have made clear their love for aural detritus, absurdist humour and Beckett-esque excursions, manifesting their activities in cd-rs, tapes, comic books and life-altering live performances. Sounds unfurl less as musical signifiers and more as moments of micro-theatre, cogs in motion, rainfalls of assorted junk and muttering from the sewer upwards.

While ‘WRONG’ gives the duo space to explore the nooks and crannies and assorted miscellanea in the respective abodes, ‘RIGHT’ seems to give them some purpose. Scissors and paper are in their hands, they seem to be wrapping something, but what are they wrapping? Are they doing it ‘right’? Are they ‘right’? Does it sound ‘right’? Does it look ‘right’? Is what they are making ‘right’? Wait a minute, is that Malcy, or is that Ali? Or is Ali Malcy and is Malcy Ali? Does it matter? What is ‘wrong’ after all? Is wrong right, or is right wrong? But what does ‘right’ mean? Is it correct, or is it a start - ‘right’ now? Let’s do it right, right now, ‘right’? Leave that up to Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff, or not Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff. Or Usurper, or Not Usurper.
Not Usurper isn't Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff
Usurper is Ali Robertson and Malcy Duff
Recorded in 2020
Artwork by Malcy Duff

Mastered by Oliver Barrett


1 - Not Usurper : (Not) Wrong [17:17]
2 - Usurper : Right [08:50]


“We have a punchline at the end of each set which equals one joke every three weeks: "I'm not laughing at him. I'm laughing with him. No, i'm not laughing at him. I'm laughing with him."
Combined comprehensive educations of Fife and Edinburgh failed to curb luddite tendencies or discourage low forms of wit: Ali Robertson got remedial as Giant Tank head-honker. Malcy Duff draw.
Meanwhile: A lack of understanding proved that if you leave something broken long enough it'll start working again and Usurper got born.
Minusculist practical pranks and barely there puns for sound keep us chortling like never since John Candy jammed with his dashboard.”