Pelt Part Wild Gate – Hung on Sunday


Long out of press mighty gamelan collab from members of US drone collective Pelt, the UK's Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides and New Zealand guitarist Michael Morley aka Gate. Recorded at 2012's TUSK festival in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the huge ensemble folded up into a mid-size room in a little corner of England and tapped into the music that has long transfixed the world - but with as much raga and hillbilly influence as Indonesian. Be warned, this is not 100% holy. Soon, avain hymns give way to drones akin to those of Vibracathedral Orchestra, and low, slow tones eat at your redeeming thoughts. A one time super-group and damn were they super.

Official MIE press release:

"In October 2012, at the Tusk Festival at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, noise emissaries from three continents came together on a Sunday to make music for an hour or so. From the United States came Mike Gangloff, Nathan Bowles, and Patrick Best of the mighty Virginia drone collective Pelt. Representing the United Kingdom were sonic pilgrims Pascal Nichols and Kelly Jayne Jones of Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides. And from Oceania came the transcendent New Zealand guitarist Michael Morley of Gate and, of course, the legendary Dead C. This summit proceeded without words. Their chosen means of deliberation was the gamelan: an array of gangsa and saron metallaphones and singing bowls sprawled out on the patchwork oriental rugs; a rig of gongs; the flurry of hammers and mallets; a few dozen onlookers seated cross-legged or just laying prostrate on the floor. And everyone and everything was transported. - Brent S. Sirota


Recorded at TUSK Festival 2012 at Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. Live sound by Steve Nicholson and Stosh. Recording by Sam Grant. With thanks to Henry MIE.

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. 'A' - 22:24

2. 'B' - 24:47

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides

Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides is the free improvisation musical duo of Kelly Jones and Pascal Nichols comprising flute, electronics and percussion. The band often touch on aspects of musique concrete and field recordings among the intensity of Nichols’ drumming and the frequent use of silence to great effect. Both members have played and continue to play with a whole range of musicians in Manchester and further afield and have a number of highly praised releases under their belts.

In February 2016 they released Oh Sylvia, a single piece presented over two sides of a cassette. Oh Sylvia is not broken down into tracks and titles but is instead represented by a single flowing piece of text.


a noise-rock band turned acoustic drone outfit that's anything and everything but drone. Imagine Alan Lomax's Appalachian field recordings hydroplaning across LaMonte Young's supersonic dream highway, and that might provide a general idea of the Pelt M.O.


Gate is the solo form of Michael Morley, who can also be found floating freely in the Dead C from time to time. He has collaborated with Lee Ranaldo amongst others.