Pauline Oliveros – Sonic Meditations

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First published in 1971 and long out of print, 'Sonic Meditations' is now reprinted by Pauline Oliveros Publications 
& Ministry of Maåt Publications.

"One of the most seminal works in late 20th century avant-garde musical thought, Sonic Meditations not only departs from standard musical notation, but with the entire conception of where music grows from, and how it can be realized. Her focus lies on the cognition of sound – largely through the practice of meditation, and group participation. Oliveros highlights the virtues of meditation for making sounds, imagining sounds, listening to, and remembering sounds, and sets into action twelve text scores to help practitioners realize these new relationships. Sonic Meditations is as much a workshop for use, as it is a series of pieces. The short volume is particularly important because of its focus on community, the social power of sound, an extended recognition of its sources, and its deconstruction of hierarchy. Though undoubtedly a new way of composing, it also proposed a new way of existing in the world, and interacting with others." - Bradford Bailey

"Pauline Oliveros' Sonic Meditations are a series of "word pieces" designed to develop our listening skills and appreciation of sound in its myriad forms, both real and imaginary. They can enrich the lives of those without any musical training and are also the foundation of Oliveros' virtuosic performance practice, a form of solo and group improvisation that evolved over the course of her artistic career. The Sonic Meditations not only teach us how to make music, but also how to live together which, given the present moment in human history, is more crucial than ever before." - David W. Bernstein