Loren Chasse – The Sodden Floor

Portland, Ore. musician and naturalist Loren Chasse has a long and varied history within the more organic and textural branches of drone and sound art. Comprising pregnant field recordings, tense drone whispers, and wispy layers of texture, The Sodden Floor’s dark superimpositions drift between momentary dread and almost childlike abstraction. They seem composed with an eye on cinema: sounds drift into focus and then cut or pan away; the resulting shifts constitute a dreamlike presence only sustainable within an ephemeral world, one documented with a half-awake awareness — leaving or coming — but always accepting the flittering yet immovable mise-en-scène aesthetic of non-existence.


"Currently based in Portland, Oregon, Loren Chasse has long created and curated music with lots of delicacy and otherness. His new solo cassette mixes improvisations on his grandfather’s melodeon with a heavily weighted atmosphere of darkness. Feels like it was recorded in a haunted, bell-strung, moss-crusted cabin. For all we know, it was." - Byron Coley, The Wire

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. Part I - 13:35
2. Part II - 06:12
3. Part III - 11:51
4. Part IV - 09:04