Lisa Cay Miller, Vicky Mettler, Raphael Foisy-Couture – Grind Halts

This set of improvised pieces is made up of Montréalers Raphaël Foisy-Couture (bass), Vicky Mettler (guitar), and Vancouverite Lisa Cay Miller (piano). There's a relaxed atmosphere among the trio, despite seemingly disparate elements that swing and play with a tight cohesion; networked fistulas convey and receive.

Along with their industriousness, this keeps their music light and exploratory, appealingly collectively-minded throughout. Miller only occasionally breaks out into fitful knots of block chords, her and Foisy's slyly executed extended techniques keep flowing a steady variety of sounds, and Mettler's crafty instrumental resourcefulness (as in the prismatic folk of her project Kee Avil) results in a deeply pleasing group improvisation that often feels wonderfully domestic.


Lisa Cay Miller / piano
Vicky Mettler / guitar
Raphaël Foisy-Couture / upright bass


Recording and mixing by Zachary Scholes, Montréal QC

Mastered by Branic Howard, Portland OR

Artwork by Raphaël Foisy-Couture

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. The Halting - 07:57
2. Of a Grind - 06:24
3. As it Falls - 03:43
4. Lower - 07:16
5. As it Spins - 08:07
6. Faster - 03:43
7. All the Time - 01:21
8. The Same - 03:35