Lisa Ullén – Gold

Stockholm-based, Seoul-native Lisa Ullen presents 'Gold', a home-recording, scribed on June 1st 2020 in her living room on a prepared piano with ZOOM H4. Using a selection of clustered chords, fragmented notes and buzzing timbral preparations, Lisa crashes waves sounds against a dam, letting the pressure of sound build vertically into a thick mass. Half way through the recording, when the dam appears to start leaking, the notes and chord arrangements swim in different directions. Allowing a frame for each to slowly develop and emerge, Lisa brings each tiny aural gesture into being.

"My intentions of the shape of the music is slow, oscillations without any intentional drama or directions, just me going through some chord changes and listening for glimmerings within each chord. Its layers at different speed..." - Lisa Ullen
Lisa Ullen / piano, recording & mixing
Mixing assistance courtesy of Mats Äleklint.
Artwork design by Oliver Barrett.

1 - Gold (20:48)

Lisa Ullén

Lisa Ullén is one of Sweden’s most influential pianists in contemporary music, and a regular on the free- jazz and improvisational scene. Internationally recognized as a distinctive and uncompromising composer and musician, She has toured in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan. Ullén now releases her second solo cd , Piano Works – a triple CD of solo piano recordings – as well as the vinyl EP Sekvenser och Lager (Sequences and Layers) with Motståndsorkestern (the Resistance Orchestra), which contains Ullén’s compositions for a bigger band, in which no less than four double basses provide a solid foundation.

“Extraordinary is all I can say as I dive in to her unique approach. /…/Amazing piano, some of it prepared, which should appeals to fans of John Cage as well as of Cecil Taylor.” – 
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

”Ullén takes a measured approach at the cusp of improvised music and contemporary classical, with silence also a big player. Cecil Taylor and John Cage might provide touchstones, but what Ullén does cannot be confused with either. ..And through it all resides the sense of a fiercely- focused intelligence at work”. – John Sharpe, All About Jazz 2018