Gold – Lisa Ullén

Stockholm-based, Seoul-native Lisa Ullen presents 'Gold', a home-recording, scribed on June 1st 2020 in her living room on a prepared piano with ZOOM H4. Using a selection of clustered chords, fragmented notes and buzzing timbral preparations, Lisa crashes waves sounds against a dam, letting the pressure of sound build vertically into a thick mass. Half way through the recording, when the dam appears to start leaking, the notes and chord arrangements swim in different directions. Allowing a frame for each to slowly develop and emerge, Lisa brings each tiny aural gesture into being.

"My intentions of the shape of the music is slow, oscillations without any intentional drama or directions, just me going through some chord changes and listening for glimmerings within each chord. Its layers at different speed..." - Lisa Ullen
Lisa Ullen / piano, recording & mixing
Mixing assistance courtesy of Mats Äleklint.
Artwork design by Oliver Barrett.

1 - Gold (20:48)

Lisa Ullén

Lisa Ullén is a pianist and composer, born in Seoul, Korea, raised in the north part of Sweden. She has fronted her own quartet, since the mid nineties, and to date has released as a pianist over 30 albums . She studied at the Royal Musical Academy, Stockholm, and conducted further studies in jazz at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA, EAM at the electronic music studio EMS in Stockholm and the Royal Institute of Art. She has been working for many years in the field of improvisation, free jazz and contemporary art music. Ullén tours internationally, solo as well in different groups.