Le Fruit Verte – Live Ateliers Claus

"Le fruit vert (can) came to play les ateliers claus October 2017. That same night Eloïse Decazes (fr) & Eric Chenaux (can) also performed as a duo and made the line-up a tribute to the Swiss label Three:Four records.

Le fruit vert presented an aural paradise and meditations that hang in balance with every moment of silence. They take detailed care over every note and present a meditation on sound and feeling. The music of Le fruit vert exists in a gray area between anonymity and familiarity. It’s a technique that binds their music tightly to emotional vulnerability as they poke at the human condition, always with cheer and curiosity galore."

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1. Jour Nuit Jour 04:08
2. Vu du Large (variation) 04:43
3. Too much world 06:58
4. Faire Corps 03:01
5. A peacock astray 07:23