Kevin Corcoran and Jacob Felix Heule – Erosion

Erosion is a sprawling yet focused love affair with the bass drum, allowing myriad objects to playfully interact with its grand form. Kevin and Jacob engage with the instrument in an entirely unrelenting way, traversing textural, pointillist sections, as well as rippling metallic drones. Notice’s admiration of Kevin and Jacob’s work goes back to circa 2008, with Kevin’s album with Tetuzi Akiyama and Christian Kiefer ‎on the much-loved Digitalis Industries, and Jacob’s album with Tony Dryer and Jack Wright on Bug Incision Records. Since then, 2019’s Invasive Species became a stand-by, on which Kevin played and Jacob mastered. Erosion finds the two merging their techniques in a very palpable, sensuous way. As if rendering an amorphous sculpture in minuscule gestures: gathering, releasing, reapplying material in a structured improvisation; new patterns emerge yet resist completion, as if working with weighted feathers which are impossible to manage. The length of Erosion, each piece clocking at 40 minutes, allows for this sense of fascinating endlessness; a constant process of extraction and application of reemerging sonic forms.


JFH / bass drum
KC / bass drum


Recorded in Berkeley, California on February 12, 2020 (A) and December 18, 2019 (B). Recorded, mixed, and mastered by JFH. Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC


1. Eskers - 40:20
2. Intertidal - 40:41