Tim Olive – Ribbon

Tim Olive returns for his third album on Notice, a rare solo outing from this avid collaborator. “Ribbon” is a document of his highly developed relationship with amplified object manipulation, in a manner most cathartic and engaged, and yet informed by compositional sensibility. This release is constructed from multiple tracks of a variety of sound sources recorded in his studio in Kobe, Japan; these tracks have then been edited and layered, in shifting densities and evolving textures. Despite the abrasiveness of these recordings, there is a certain kind of sensuality in their interactions. One may sense that these pieces can be touched, as if the air has become solidified, like slowly forming glass, flecked with mineral impurities, a movement shuddering in locked-place, shedding, bristling with multi-textured shards and strands of sonic material.


Tim Olive / metal strips, rubber tubing, tuning forks, clockwork motors, metal teeth, bow, electromagnet, cassette playback head, magnetic pickups, octave divider, preamps


Recorded Jan-Feb 2021 Kobe, Japan. Mastered by Anne-F Jacques. Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC


1. Ribbon 1 - 06:15
2. Ribbon 2 - 08:12
3. Ribbon 3 - 05:38
4. Ribbon 4 - 08:39