Jon Mueller – Halves

Focusing on the electronic element from his live performances, Mueller uses snare drum, gongs, and tape to craft long-form minimalist drones that are constantly shifting and morphing even in their sameness. A companion to his The Whole LP (Type Records) and live performances that documents this extraordinary phase of his work.

"Continuing down the path taken in other recent recordings of his, one that more or less parallels that trodden in recent years by Jason Kahn, Mueller works with steady rhythms, building dense layers of cymbals (played with either soft mallets or fingers) and drums (generally heard in roll patterns). The obsessive nature can yield handsome dividends when the elements lose their individuality and fuse into a storm of near-chaotic but always forward-propelled sound as is the case on the second and fourth tracks of this cassette release. More with this kind of release than many, one really would like to experience this music in a live setting so as to be immersed in the shimmering waves and beats. Still and all, very enjoyable at home." - Brian Olewnick


Jon Mueller / percussion, tapes


Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery
Packaging concept by Travis Bird

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. Silver, Part 1 - 12:53
2. Silver, Part 2 - 12:25
3. Gold, Part 1 - 09:29
4. Gold, Part 2 - 12:48