flora yin wong – Sacro Bosco

Commissioned for an artist residency at the Mahler & LeWitt Studios in Spoleto, Italy, the Sacro Bosco tape explores various themes from the region’s holy mountain of Monteluco (Latin: lucus - a wood sacred to Jupiter), and its myths of saintly protection.

Taking form as an installation in Piazza della Genga during a full moon, over 50 hand-drawn talismans invoking the spirits of the surrounding forest and beyond were nailed to the walls to create a 'universal sacred space'.

Whilst the use of protective paper talismans (ofuda/fulu) is typical to Daoist practice, Sacro Bosco attempts to observe and unify the local collective religious beliefs of Catholicism and the Pagan god Jupiter. Inspired by a tale about the patron saint of Spoleto, Pontianius, and how in 1703, on his feast day, earthquakes affected the entire region of Italy, save Spoleto.

This is a limited run of 50 cassette tapes - each wrapped in one of the original talismans - inked in black and cinnabar (as historically vermilion was regarded as the colour of blood, thus the colour of life), depicting the emblems and living spirits of wild boars, snakes, and trees in the surrounding forest.



Self Released, 2022

Flora Yin-Wong

Flora Yin Wong is a musician and writer from London, whose work incorporates traditional early instruments such as singing bowls, yangqin and kemence. Her debut releases include an album in 2020 on Modern Love as a gatefold 2x LP, and PAN’s mono no aware compilation, remixes and commissions for Mun Sing (Giant Swan), Circadian Rhythms, J Colleran, Scintii, Archaic Vaults, and Somerset House Studios. Her first book 'Liturgy' is published on PAN x Primary Information.

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