Dutch Courage – The Lounge Era

The Lounge Era is the debut release from Dutch Courage, the new duo of Andreas Klotz (Superskin) and Gabor Kovacs (Új Bála). It’s a work of organic collaboration between the two artists. Jams on synths and drum machines recorded live to an old school tape deck.

“A year ago, Andreas came up with the idea of this band. I liked it, so we arranged a weekend in Vienna, just to see what we could do together,” Kovacs explains.

“It went pretty well, we jammed out the whole record from scratch during that 2-day period. The process was kind of a 50-50 ping-pong with sounds, if one of us started to write a beat the other finished it.”
The results are a deeply rhythmic set of tracks which are, according to Kovacs, more influenced by hip hop and dub than dance music. “I cannot imagine it in a club environment, maybe in an after party of an after party,” says Kovacs.

Each of the 8 pieces revels in happy accidents and absurd consequences. Underpinned by off-kilter beats, warped synthesis and a constant sense of sitting on the edge of collapse. This approach bleeds through to the artwork of the release.

“Like almost everything from this project, it came from the gut,” reveals Kovacs. “I was looking for an electric chair originally, as I connected to the word lounge in a twisted way. I found that other electric chair, for massages, instead.”

Released March 22, 2019

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Transforming the Juice - 04:44
2. The Second Pitfall Antiempathetic Solipsism - 05:30
3. Sixteen Years in Prison - 05:20
4. Dust Industries - 06:16
5. Stranger - Be the Unexpected - 06:52
6. The End of Irony - 05:30
7. New Sincerity - 03:12
8. Dumbo Blues - 05:24