De Leon – De Leon

"Gamelan and capoeira in dub. The collective behind this doesn’t like to talk much but their music is beautifully conversational. De Leon is the most organic and percussive of their shifting identities, developed on their Aught project in small-run, clear-shell cassette tape releases over the last few years. 

They've appreciated a cult interest for their takes on outernational rhythm, field recording, and the tension and relief on the knife-edge of dance music; all delivered with an impressive commitment to anonymity and clarity of vision through cut-and-dried aesthetic minimalism. 

These six pieces of music seem formed from wood, metal, air. Dramatic, balletic flourishes and tightly woven interlocking patterns are embedded in slowly changing and "live" atmospheres. The shadow of a hand over the mixing desk makes gradual adjustments to alter the pressure and dimension of the space. 

A number of tracks first appeared on De Leon's set for Blowing Up The Workshop in February 2016."

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC 


1. A1 - 06:56
2. A2 - 05:31
3. A3 - 05:21
4. B1 - 04:30
5. B2 - 04:53
6. B3 - 05:47


More info over on Mana.

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