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Cyril Bondi – Euhesma, 2017

"Issued under Bondi's name, he's joined by his Diatribes partner D'Incise on this composition, the former playing Indian harmonium, melodica, harmonica and pitch pipes, the latter Indian harmonium, electric organ and melodica. From the instrumentation alone, you get the idea that you're going to be experiencing, among other things, some rich drone-oriented music and yes, that's one aspect of 'euhesma, 2017'. Euhesma, incidentally, is a genus of bee and one wonders whether at least part of the piece is a meditation on that species' apparent decline in the world." - Brian Olewnick



1. Euhesma, 2017 - 40:18


Cyril Bondi / harmonium, melodica, harmonica, pitch pipes
d'incise / harmonium, organ, melodica


Available as a 16bit FLAC or 320k MP3 

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