Early Music – John Cage

“The room I entered was a dream of this room.”
“It wasn't the hole in the landscape
that gladdened us,
it was the invitation to the weather
to drop in anytime.”
John Ashbery (both quotations from: Your Name Here 2000)
“...all the hard dry studied Rules that ever was prescribed, will not enable any Person to form an Air any more than the bare Knowledge of the four and twenty Letters, and strict Grammatical Rules will qualify a Scholar for composing a Piece of Poetry, or properly adjusting a Tragedy, without a Genius. It must be Nature, Nature must lay the Foundation, Nature must inspire the Thought.” William Billings (Introduction to New England Psalm Singer, 1770)
“The responsibility of the artist is to imitate nature in her manner of operation” - Ananda Coomaraswamy, often quoted by John Cage


Edwin Alexander Buchholz / accordian (bugari bayan anatomic)

Joanna Becker / violin


Recorded in Frankfurt by Hans-Bernhard Bätzing and Thomas Eshler in 2005. Mixed and mastered by Hans-Bernhard Bätzing and Thomas Eshler. Coproduced by Antoine Berger and Hessischer Rudfunk. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC 


1. Dream (1948) 7:41
2. In A Landscape (1948) Six Melodies (1950) - 12:24
3. Nr. 1 - 2:17
4. Nr. 2 - 1:34
5. Nr. 3 - 1:52
6. Nr. 4 - 2:29
7. Nr. 5 - 1:34
8. Nr. 6 -1:54
9. Souvenir (1983) - 17:16