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Christoph Korn – SIMEON

A sine tone disappears gradually as silences are inserted into it, which grow - over a duration of 20 minutes - in both number and length. In each case, a silence of 10 minutes is added to the end of this process.

A sine wave disappears successively, as more and more breastfeeding takes place over a period of 20 minutes. This process is followed by a silence of 10 minutes.


1. sine tone 1 - 30:00

2. sine tone 2 - 30:00

Available as a 16bit FLAC or 320k MP3 

Christoph Korn

Christoph Korn studied Political Science, Philosophy and Pedagogics in Frankfurt upon Main at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University.

In the 1980’s, he was involved in political contexts and worked with street children in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo in the context of a liberation theological project in 1988 and 1989.

At the beginning of the 1990’s his first artistic works emerged.

Christoph Korn’s work moves along the interface between audio and media art. To put it into practice, he has used various means of artistic expression: web-based work, film, installations, conceptual art, radioplay and composition. Essentially common among his works is his interest in minority or weak features. In the last few years, his artistic works have been based increasingly on strategies of masking, deleting or removing. Occasionally, he has used long durations to give his ideas form.

His works were exhibited and performed at numerous international festivals of contemporary music and media art: WienModern/Vienna, Ars Electronica/Linz, FILE HIPERSÔNICA/ Sao Paulo, Podewil Festival x-tract SCULPTURE MUSICALE/Berlin, Taktlos Festival/ Bern, Philharmonie/Cologne, Museum of Modern Art Serralves/Porto, Angelica Festival/Bologna, Transmediale/Berlin, Whitchapell art galery/London, MMK Sraßbourg, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Realisations for intermedium Center for Art and Media ZKM/Karlsruhe or german radiostations like HR, WDR, SFB, DLR, SDR, SWR, art radio ORF.

Christoph Korn is a lecturer at various universities.
He lives in Duesseldorf, Germany

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