Charaoui / Lely / Wright - 396

"The new austerity on the first CD from the young exponents of the growing art of the year 2000, this approach in which traditional musical instruments are twisted into complex sound transformers which match the new sound sources available from the burgeoning electronics and computer sciences has become a medium in its own right." - Eddie Prévost.


Yann Charaoui / cymbals and table top samplers

John Lely / piano and prepared bal-bal tarang

Seymour Wright / alto saxophone



1. 2.28'53 

2. 4.17'21

3. 20'10

4. 13.5'05


Recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston-upon-Thames on 2nd August 2000 by Steve Lowe. Front cover '396' by Lester Wright. 

Available as a 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC download.   

Seymour Wright

Seymour Wright – saxophonist, investigator, artist – lives in London. His practice is about the saxophone – music, history and technique ­– actual and potential; an on-going, rigorous and exhaustive exploration of the instrument. The energy of this learning is applied to various collaborations and contexts to access/share what he has called the ‘awkward wealth of investigation’. His work is documented on three widely acclaimed self-released collections Seymour Wright of Derby (2008), Seymour Writes Back (2015) and Is This Right? (2017).

As well as XT, his current collaborations include lll人 (with Daichi Yoshikawa and Paul Abbott), abaria (with Ute Kanngiesser), [Ahmed] (with Antonin Gerbal, Joel Grip and Pat Thomas), GUO (with Daniel Blumberg), S.T.E.P.S. (with Evie Ward), an on-going ‘quartet’ collaboration with Paul Abbott, Cara Tolmie and Will Holder, and, a trans-atlantic collaboration with Anne Guthrie.