Bass Clef – 111 angelic MIDI cascade

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"'111 angelic MIDI cascade' is Ralph Cumbers' exquisite Slip debut: a finely forged collection of joyous electronic music built to surge and heal. This is Cumbers' first deliberate Bass Clef album since 2012's 'Reeling Skullways' on Bristol institution Punch Drunk, and a forceful departure from the bubbling, rogue club 12"s since issued on The Trilogy Tapes, PAN, and Idle Hands.

Drums are almost entirely absent, making way for a braiding of soaring machine melodies, and taut harmonic threads. To be clear: this is no ambient record. No drifty clouds, no cocoons, no sonic platitudes.Recorded in Rotterdam in August 2018, amidst an immersion in the history of clairaudience, scrying, and natural philosophy, '111' is a leap into pinpoint mysticism, with Bass Clef as happy alchemist."


Written and Recorded by Bass Clef. Mastered by Stephen Bishop. 

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC 

Bass Clef

Bass Clef is the primary handle for the marauding musical runnings of Ralph Cumbers, the producer, trombone player, DJ and modular synth manipulator (as Some Truths) whom, whilst calling Hackney, UK his current home, has long since broken through the earthly atmosphere with his itinerant, style-and-pattern approach to electronic music.

With four full-lengths and innumerable EPs, single cuts and remixes to his name, Bass Clef releases nowadays come in clusters, forming unexpected but very much desired constellations: recent times have seen a score of fresh portals opening up through which to access Cumbers’ constructs in space and time: 2014 alone saw on-point output for PAN, ALTER, We Can Elude Control, Mordant, Iberian Recordings, his conduit for releasing works both personal and from sonically sympathetic peers.