Aquiles Hadjis & Nerve – Killers in the Clouds


"On those days I had a feeling of everything happening far from the ground. Perhaps because I spent the first two nights completely sleepless: the first assembling a sound installation I had brought over as luggage, and the second one because after we presented the work, we decided to join a party held very high on an industrial building somewhere in Kowloon. It was during the moon festival, but I can’t recall having really seen the moon at all. Only a dark forest around other tall buildings, and the two incredibly pale hands of a dancer that the darkness turned into two white doves.

We did this record the next day, and I remember telling Nerve that all my equipment buzzed and fed back very differently, and that it must have been because the electricity in HK had a very different character from the one in Tokyo. I think this music condensates that moment precisely. Two electricities growing in space before discharging." Aquiles Hadjis, August 2020


Aquiles Hadjis - self-made synths & amplified electric strings
Nerve - electronics


Recorded at Twenty Alpha on 16 September 2019


1. Top View [15:25]
2. Precipitation [19:30]

Aquiles Hadjis

Born in Venezuela and based in Tokyo for the past decade, Aquiles Hadjis combines strategies from visual arts and improvisation to drive his performances, installations, and instrument building. Linking the idea of prototypes to sketching, he thinks of both as thought that has solidified only slightly; enough to do things it cannot do inside the mind, but still malleable enough to become a frame for conversations with the unknown, giving voice to malfunctioning and unpredictable systems that tangle around each other in a constellation of raw, warm soundscapes.


Nerve is a Hong Kong based multidisciplinary artist whose practice mines the boundaries between contemporary music, sound art, multimedia theatre and underground subcultures. With a background in classical composition and 90s rave culture, he explores the extreme sound experience by mixing electroacoustic, beat, bass, fx and samples into a new form of free improvisation performance.