Amm & Mev – apogee

Apogee chronicles both a first-time meeting of AMM and MEV (Musica Eletronnica Viva), and one of the last performances of that longest-running version of AMM. apogee 1, 2 and 3 are studio recordings of the two groups together; the second pairs performances by each individual group: a thirty-nine-minute piece by AMM entitled 01.05.04, and a thirty-six-minute piece by MEV, also entitled 01.05.04 (perhaps mere date, but also May Day), both recorded at London's Freedom of the City Festival. MEV includes Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, and Richard Teitelbaum.

“AMM and MEV go back together almost as far as AMM itself. In 1969 or so, Earl Brown released an LP on Mainstream Records called Live Electronic Music Improvised which had AMM on one side and MEV on the other. It was a great and forward looking idea, but unfortunately the labels (on MOST but not ALL copies) somehow got reversed. That, if nothing else, tied us together for decades." - Richard Teitelbaum


John Tilbury / piano
Keith Rowe / guitar & electronics
Eddie Prévost / percussion
Alvin Curran / electronics
Frederic Rzewski / piano
Richard Teitelbaum / keyboard


'apogee' 1, 2 and 3 recorded at Gateway Studios, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England on 30th April 2004. '01.05.04' were recorded at Freedom of the City festival, Conway Hall, London on 1st May 2004 by Sebastian Lexer. Artwork designed by Ian Walters. 

To buy the physical CD, head to to Eddie Prévost's CD store, Matchless Recordings.

Available as a 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC download.  


1. apogee Part 1 (MEV & AMM) 31:21 
2. apogee Part 2 (MEV & AMM) 19:48
3. apogee Part 3 (MEV & AMM) 19:38
4. AMM - 01.05.04 - 39:27
5. MEV - 01.05.04 - 36:40