Sunday 18 July 2021, 7.30pm

Unpredictable Series: 'What Blue' by Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina & Pierre Bouvier Patron + Leafcutter John (solo) + Steve Beresford / Blanca Regina / Leafcutter John (trio)

No Longer Available

Unpredictable Series curates an evening of 3 performances in Cafe Oto
- ‘What Blue' by Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina with visuals by Pierre Bouvier Patron, release launch;
- a solo by Leafcutter John
- a trio improvisation with Steve Beresford, Blanca Regina and Leafcutter John.

What Blue’ is a spontaneous music work by Steve Beresford and Blanca Regina, recorded by Syd Kemp and later mixed and mastered by Dave Hunt.

The variety of sounds and noise in the record was made possible by the wide range of instruments and keyboards at the studio.

Blanca plays voice, electronics, field recordings, hang drum, vibraphone, toys, balloons and other objects.

Steve plays piano, electronics, Hohner Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer electric piano, CDX Astrosound 0632, Hammond B3, and other keyboards.

Released in March 2020, the album never had a physical presentation till now. Its presentation at Oto will be preceded by a short film by Pierre Bouvier Patron about the process of recording ‘What Blue’. He will also create visuals throughout their performance.

Leafcutter John's performance will be an exploration of a new version of his Forester software. He’ll be using field recordings and live input from his self-made amplified box, which is covered with springs and clock chimes. The original software became something of a cult classic. This update comes 15 years after the original release.

Steve Beresford

Steve Beresford has been a central figure in the British and international spontaneous music scenes for over forty years, freely improvising on the piano, electronics, and other things with people like Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Han Bennink, John Zorn, and Alterations (with David Toop, Terry Day and Peter Cusack).

He has written songs, written for large and small ensembles, and scored short films, feature films, TV shows, and commercials. He was part of the editorial teams of Musics and Collusion magazines, writes about music in various contexts, and was a senior lecturer in music at the University of Westminster. With Blanca Regina, he is part of Unpredictable Series, which produces events and sound and video recordings of experimental music and art.

Steve has worked with Christian Marclay on numerous Marclay mixed media pieces. He has also worked with The Slits, Najma Akhtar, Stewart Lee, Ivor Cutler, Prince Far-I, Alan Hacker, Tania Chen, Ray Davies, Mandhira De Saram, The Flying Lizards, Zeena Parkins, The Portsmouth Sinfonia, Ilan Volkov, Rachel Musson, Vic Reeves, Lore Lixenberg and many others.

Beresford has an extensive discography as performer, arranger, free-improviser, composer and producer, and was awarded a Paul Hamlyn award for composers in 2012. In 2021, Bloomsbury published a book by Andy Hamilton: ‘Pianos, Toys, Music and Noise: Conversations with Steve Beresford’.

Blanca Regina

Blanca Regina is an interdisciplinary artist, independent curator, and educator based in London currently involved in creating audio-visual performances, sound works, installations, films, and book arts.

She is co-founder of Unpredictable Series focused on spontaneous music and experimentation, visual arts, and archives. With Steve Beresford, she has produced three albums, mixed and mastered by Dave Hunt in London. ‘What Blue’ (2020) Duets with Beresford; ‘Duets with Blanca Regina, Spontaneous Music’ featuring duets with Leafcutter John, Jack Goldstein, John Butcher, Benedict Taylor, Matthias Kispert, Aneek Thapar, Steve Beresford, Sharon Gal, and Hyelim Kim and ‘Art of Improvisers’ (2017) a collection album with several artists concentrating on women improvisers. With long-time collaborator and artist Leafcutter John capturing their live performances in 2017, they created ‘Miga’ limited-edition pen drive and digital release. Other collaborations include performances and projects with Matthias Kispert, David Toop, Matt Black (Coldcut), Art Terry, and Peter Cusack.

She is currently working on Terry Day's archives and finishing a documentary film about him.
Travelling / Untravelling

Leafcutter John

Bradford-born, Wakefield-raised, John Burton grew up fascinated by sound but it wasn’t until halfway through his painting degree at the Norwich School of Art and Design that he discovered a computer he was using to write his dissertation could take him on new sonic adventures by recording and manipulating sound.

Since 2000, John has released seven studio albums, toured widely, built expressive interfaces for electronic music, and received the prestigious Paul Hamlyn Foundation award.

His most recent work ‘Lockdown Patchwork’ was commissioned by HCMF and Leeds Art Gallery and used interview material, publicly submitted field recordings, and new music written by John. Aside from his solo work, he’s written for theatre, dance, and radio. He was also a key member of experimental jazz band Polar Bear, recording five albums with them and picking up two Mercury Prize nominations. John has performed with Shabaka Hutchings, Talvin Singh, and Imogen Heap and supported Matmos, Otomo Yoshihide,Yo La Tengo and Beck.

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