Sunday 10 July 2022, 8pm

A Colourful Storm and Jolly Discs presents: Thomas Bush + Princess Diana of Wales + Enchante

No Longer Available

A Colourful Storm and Jolly Discs presents a triple bill featuring Malmö-based, Kidderminster musician, Thomas Bush; Princess Diana of Wales - aka London based Australian musician Laila Sakini; and Enchante, the longstanding alias of London based Guy Gormley.

Thomas Bush

Musician from Kidderminster, UK, and resident of Malmö, Sweden, whose Preludes, a collection of songs “like scraps of remembered conversation and hooks of melody that break apart and fall together”, saw recent release on Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox and follows Old and Red (Men Scryfa, 2018). Or in other words, “droll, digressive threshold-pop, plaintive minimal synth moods and strange rhythm-box geometries ... heading deep into the woods and time-dilating free-folk abstraction” (Low Company); “It is the owner of the funny musical character.” (Art into Life).

Bush also makes up the duo RAP, alongside Guy Gormley.

Princess Diana of Wales

London based Australian musician Laila Sakini steps out from behind the disguise of Princess Diana of Wales, A Colourful Storm’s newest and most curiously cloaked project. Someone, no one, a notion, a feeling…

On Princess Diana Of Wales Sakini finds a contemplative and opaque downstroke, her forlorn vocals convected via radiant webs of reverb in an ephemeral style of songcraft that drifts effortlessly, like the sound of someone coming to terms with themselves.

Ponderous instrumentation, including heavy low-tuned guitar, soft clicking percussion, ad-lib multilayered vocals and found sounds. Twisting, hyperventilating harmonica, sub-bass and breakbeats of swollen soundsystem intensity and stretched and manipulated high-register vocals.

Diana offers clues but no simple answers.

"An enigma with a purpose" - The Wire Magazine, 2021

"Princess Diana of Wales resonates with these strange twilight times above perhaps anything else we’ve listened to this year." - Boomkat, 2021

“With each listen, there's another line, another noise, that jumps out from Sakini's sonic coral reef, a reef that feels simultaneously uplifting and deeply distressing.“ - Resident Advisor, 2022.


Enchante is a longstanding alias of London based Guy Gormley, whose solo and collaborative transmissions under the guises of RAP, Special Occasion and Never have shaped his Jolly Discs universe. Since surfacing in 2011 with a 12” single on Greco-Roman, Gormley’s productions have become increasingly idiosyncratic and culminated in this year’s Mind in Camden 3.

Gormley “weaves together field recordings, ambient sketches, and club beats in a way that feels provocatively out of step with contemporary dance music”. (Pitchfork)