16–17 July 2016, 1–7pm, OTO Project Space

OTO Project Space: The Nothing, Seeking Answers: indivisible streams – Francisco López + Elías Merino + Olivier Pasquet + Daniel del Río + Rian Treanor

No Longer Available

The Nothing, Seeking Answers: indivisible streams, is a computer music installation project based on one speaker, featuring works by Francisco López, Daniel del Río, Elías Merino, Rian Treanor and Olivier Pasquet.

The installation explores the distance between the listener and the object listened, giving to the sound a specific object nature in a single position, where the sound is based on minimalistic synthetic material, which acquires complex morphologies with non linear time developing.

The single speaker is linked to the idea of indivisibility unfolded in concrete abstract sound bodies, which are designed as an individual presences in a macrostructural level but fracturing the stasis through shape modifications over the time. Indivisible streams is interested in the idea of composition as a position and the idea of ‘when’ as ‘where’. Through these digital abstractions as a sculptural material, the installation builds a discrete entity, which is experienced as a unitary shape fused with the space and the listening, implicating the listener and creating a single presence in a big isolated point. This sound installation revises and explores the perceptual removal of different concepts such as objecthood, aesthetic distance or otherness.

Indivisible streams suggest a non-expectation listening state and a unitary meaning through a sound shape created by each artist in a special arrangement of one loudspeaker. The installation explores discrete and continuous states, physicality,  elasticity, repetition, contraction, time malleability through space exploration and narrative ruptures.  

The Nothing, Seeking Answers is a sound project originally created by Elías Merino, Daniel del Río and Rian Treanor  in December of 2014, based on abstract computer-generated sound and algorithmic digital synthesis in sound installation.

Francisco López

Francisco López (b. 1964) is a worldwide renowed avant-garde experimental musician and sound artist. 

He has released a large amount of sound pieces with record labels from more than fifty countries (LINE, SubRosa, Staalplaat, Alien8 Recordings, Important Records, Mego just to mention some of them) and realized hundreds of concerts and sound installations worldwide; including some of the main international museums, galleries and festivals, such as: P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center (New York City), London Institute of Contemporary Arts, Paris Museum of Modern Art, National Auditorium of Music, Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Sónar, Darwin Fringe festival, Kitakyūshū city art museum among others.



Elías Merino

Elías Merino (b. 1985) is a Spanish sonic practitioner and composer based in the UK. Currently he is working in the exploration of computer-generated sound after some years involved in acousmatic and electroacoustic music. Merino is interested in different approaches related with  sound and digital arts such the exploration of time, otherness, or specific and plural sound artifacts in sound installation.

Elías presents his work in sound compositions and installations, which are exhibited, released, performed and diffused in USA, UK, Spain, Latinamerica, Italy, Sweden, Poland or The Netherlands. He recently released his latest work in leerraum.

Currently he is a PhD researcher in Computer Music at University of Huddersfield.



Olivier Pasquet

Olivier Pasquet is a composer, music producer and visual artist. His work is based on audio visual compositions and synesthesia. His generative pieces, both minimalistic and maximalistic, are contextualized within a rationalist theory-fiction universe. The formal and plastic value gives it strong links with architecture, geometry and algorithmic design. His compositions are then sound-based, visual and material.  He studies at APU in Cambridge and attended lectures with Wishart and Xenakis. 

He works at IRCAM and collaborated with other artists such as Florian Hecker (currently developing a new project together), Georges Aperghis, Pierre Boulez, William Forsythe among many others. His pieces are played, sometimes danced, in concert halls, galleries or clubs. Olivier Pasquet teached interactive arts and computational design at l’Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, theater-music at Théâtre National de Strasbourg among others. He received several prices and residencies such as Villa Médicis hors-les-murs, Tokyo Wonder Site, Arcadi, residencies both in Chili and Taiwan. Between 2009 and 2012, he is invited researcher at Tokyo University with Philippe Codognet, Keio and Buffalo with David Felder.  He also works at Sony CSL, is consultant at Ableton.



Daniel del Río

Daniel del Río (b. 1989), works in sound and installation. Based on actual computer languages, he has been developing sound installations and sound diffussions in a variety of spaces around noise and multifocal electroacustic / computer-generated compositions. His work have been exhibited in Spain, UK, Japan, Latinamerica, USA and Germany.

He currently runs Reductive, a platform dedicated to sonic arts internationally, responsible for the publication of works in digital and physical format. 

Daniel is co-editor of reductive journal. 



Rian Treanor

Rian Treanor (b.1988) is an artist and producer based in the North of the UK. His sound practice re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of interlocking and fractured components. Drawing upon his study with Lupo at Berlin’s Dubplates & Mastering, plus years spent curating the Enjoy artspace in Leeds, Treanor’s sound uses off centred rhythmic arrangements, referencing the dynamics of garage and techno as much as Fluxus and Dada cut-ups.

In 2015 Treanor has focused on his solo sound works, developing musical environments for improvisations within his live performances. He has recently signed to Annex artist agency who are managing bookings for his live shows in conjunction with his debut release on The Death of Rave later in 2015.