Olivier Pasquet

Olivier Pasquet is a composer, music producer and visual artist. His work is based on audio visual compositions and synesthesia. His generative pieces, both minimalistic and maximalistic, are contextualized within a rationalist theory-fiction universe. The formal and plastic value gives it strong links with architecture, geometry and algorithmic design. His compositions are then sound-based, visual and material.  He studies at APU in Cambridge and attended lectures with Wishart and Xenakis. 

He works at IRCAM and collaborated with other artists such as Florian Hecker (currently developing a new project together), Georges Aperghis, Pierre Boulez, William Forsythe among many others. His pieces are played, sometimes danced, in concert halls, galleries or clubs. Olivier Pasquet teached interactive arts and computational design at l’Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs, theater-music at Théâtre National de Strasbourg among others. He received several prices and residencies such as Villa Médicis hors-les-murs, Tokyo Wonder Site, Arcadi, residencies both in Chili and Taiwan. Between 2009 and 2012, he is invited researcher at Tokyo University with Philippe Codognet, Keio and Buffalo with David Felder.  He also works at Sony CSL, is consultant at Ableton.