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Thursday 13 June 2019, 7.30pm

Surprise Show – Thurston Moore Ensemble

No Longer Available

Thurston Moore’s ensemble will gather at Cafe OTO for two recorded live sets featuring new material

Set I: The Ensemble will present a new work entitled ALICE MOKI JAYNE on forthcoming new album SPIRIT COUNSEL (due out September 2019). This composition is inspired by Alice Coltrane, Moki Cherry & Jayne Cortez featuring an army of electric 12-string guitars, baritone bass and percussion.

Set II: The Ensemble will present a second composition entitled 8 SPRING STREET — an homage to Glenn Branca. This piece was named after the address of Branca’s first New York City apartment where Thurston Moore visited & rehearsed with Branca’s ensemble. This work features an army of electric 6-string guitars, baritone bass and percussion.

The evening will begin & end with a bewitching DJ set by JUPITER + VENUS

Thurston Moore / electric guitar
Steve Shelley / percussion
Deb Googe / baritone bass
James Sedwards / electric guitar
Jen Chochinov / electric guitar
Alex Ward / electric guitar