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Tuesday 19 July 2016, 8pm

Still House Plants + Pussy Mothers + Groan Vessel + Luar Domatrix + GLARC DJs

No Longer Available

Stacked line-up featuring the best of new weird sounds from Glasgow!

Still House Plants

Combining visual strategies, free improvisation, UK garage and punk, Still House Plants build melodic hierarchies scaffolded around ambiguities and intimacy. Fresh from being selected for the OTO Projects UK Artists Residency, and following two sold out tapes on Glasgow label GLARC, the trio’s debut LP 'Long Play' collects the group's raw guitar-drum-vocal palette and stretches it to include violin, piano and intimate home recording. Ranging from seconds-long to seven:minute:somethings, the album coagulates to form a heady meld of rudimentary phrases, kinetic repetition and malleable samples. Experimental songwriting is rarely so forthcoming, emotive, or approachable.

The group have performed internationally, touring with Mette Rasmussen to perform at Ultra Eczema's 20th Anniversary, (Antwerp), Fasching Jazz Club, (Stockholm) with Rasmussen and Richard Dawson, as well as at KRAAK festival, (Brussels).

Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council (GLARC)

Greater Lanarkshire Auricular Research Council provide aural consultancy, cassette based explication, applied research, and listening support. Specializing in environmental and noise, GLARC offer small scale research grants in the imaginary Greater Lankakshire area. GLARC's first open research project is entitled 'still house plants' and will begin in July 2016.

Pussy Mothers

Pussy Mothers is the behaviour of a cross continental two piece from Scotland and Down Under: formed by waving not drowning.

Chasing percussions, vocal athletics and hand claps concocted into a platter of disco junk funk and early hip hop rhythms, The Number 1 EP took shape in Glasgow's tenement flats and came to life through a spaced out echo party held at Green Door Studios. It will be released via JG Wilkes & JD Twitch's iconic Optimo record label, at some point in our otherwise bleak collective future.

Infinitely un-google-able (seriously, don't try it), Pussy Mothers' weaponize reverb and delay to create Spirographs of 3D sonic space, yet for all that musical expanse, they stay grounded in the sweat and flurry of a bedroom danceparty.

pussy mothers

Groan Vessel

Groan Vessel true to their name miss scott caruth, the chakras are shaken, the vessel is open.


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