Sunday 23 July 2017, 7.30pm

Still House Plants + Horse Whisperer + Cucina Povera

No Longer Available

"I’ve seen too many bands who are content to rework hip reference points, but Still House Plants are genuinely alchemical, creating magic from unlikely elements." – The List

"The group’s consciously sparse use of their instruments within four simplistic repetitive songs is immensely satisfying, and the general tone is consistently soft and beautiful. To boot, it’s all somehow bathed in glorious light rather than Glaswegian damp and grey. Experimental songwriting is very rarely this successful or approachable, save perhaps the likes of Robert Wyatt’s ‘Sea Song’ or perhaps more pertinently, the Velvet Underground’s ‘Heroin'." – The Quietus

Still House Plants

Still House Plants are a Glasgow-based three-piece collective made up of guitarist Finlay Clark, drummer David Kennedy and vocalist Jessica Hickie-Kallenbach. Their focus is on dissolving the boundaries between what constitutes music and art through collaboration and experimentation. They have been artists-in-residence for the CCA/AC Projects Music Residency, (Glasgow) and at The Pipe Factory, (Glasgow). The trio have since performed internationally, touring with Mette Rasmussen to perform at Ultra Eczema's 20th Anniversary, (Antwerp), Fasching Jazz Club, (Stockholm) with Rasmussen and Richard Dawson, as well as at KRAAK festival, (Brussels). Still House Plants are Cafe OTO Jerwood Residents 2018/19.

Horse Whisperer

Horse Whisperer is artist-composer Max Syed-Tollan and a shifting school of collaborators occupied with the production of all-over-the-place experimental pop. Last year's cassette release 'The Fifth Season' (GLARC) drew on a world of influences, from renaissance madrigals to noise, to create an adventurous sonic collage imbued with a spirit of fun. For this show, Horse Whisperer (with KABOBO percussionist David Scorteccia) will perform a new collection of works composed between December 2016 and May 2017 further developing ideas from the cassette. 

Cucina Povera

Cucina Povera is a Fenno-karelian producer with feet firmly in Glasgow, mind aloft in the imaginary and heart ambling around Europe. Produced, curated, composed and performed as part of Luxos (optimo, huntleys and palmers), Between the Acts (subcity radio, GI, radiophrenia) and Gong bath (green door studios).
"I make songs about nourishment, precarity and serendipitous ephemera."