Sunday 3 December 2023, 2pm

Photo by Terekas

MATINEE - LITHUANIAN EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC SERIES: Gailė Griciūtė + Sneeze Etiquette + Anton Lukoszevieze

No Longer Available

Excellent Lithuanian triple-bill matinee show, featuring composer, performer and sound artist, Gailė Griciūtė, improvised-sound-sculpture band, Sneeze Etiquette, and cellist, composer, improviser and multidisciplinary artist, Anton Lukoszevieze.

Gailė Griciūtė

Gailė Griciūtė is a Lithuanian composer, performer and sound artist who researches and creates sound situations which question familiar acoustic perceptions. She graduated from the Sibelius Academy of Music in Helsinki, Finland and Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater, and was also a guest student at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Gailė is a member of the performance collective Eye Gymnastics. The group’s works have been shown at various festivals in Lithuania and Germany. Some of the festivals and concert series where Gailė Griciūtė’s sound and art projects were presented include Ahead, Jauna muzika, Soundscape, NOA, Estonia (Vilnius), Counterflows (Glasgow), Sound Art Festival (Kaliningrad), Unsound (Krakow), Labor Sonor (Berlin), Tectonics (Tel Aviv), Atmospherics (Haus Der Kunst, Munich).

Photo by Phlippe Gerlach.

Dark elastic liquid

Sound performance for prepared piano, tape recorder, radio and voice

This performance is a drifting song about the vibrating air, the movement of the hair cells in your cochlea. It is a story about the fluidity of sound, known as ethereal fire. J.B. Lamarck, a French biologist from 18th century describes it as essentially a fluid, elastic and highly compressible, of extremely rare density and solidity, invisible and even imperceptible to our senses, free, calm, naturally cold, and possessing the power of penetrating with ease through the mass of all bodies.

The photo: dried-up bed of the river Isère, photo from personal archive.

Sneeze Etiquette

Arturas Bumšteinas / turntables
Kristupas Gikas / turntables
Adas Gecevičius / drums
Mantas Augustaitis / drums

Sneeze Etiquette is an improvised-sound-sculpture band from Vilnius. These four musicians utilise sound-art record collection, their own cut dub-plates, extended turntable techniques and shimmering textures of fleetingly-improvised percussion. Word “etiquette” refers to harmony and structure in general, while “sneeze” is a chance element, an elemental force that intervenes and changes the structure. Actually there are some countries where sneezing is a mitigating factor if you commit a crime accidentally while sneezing (crash the car, fire a gun etc.).
Sneeze Etiquette | Arturas Bumšteinas (

Anton Lukoszevieze

Descended from a retreating Napoleonic soldier and a Lithuanian noblewoman, Anton Lukoszevieze is a cellist, composer, improviser and multidisciplinary artist. He is also the founder and director of the experimental music group Apartment House, releasing over 40 albums with them.

Anton by Anton