Thursday 28 July 2022, 8pm

Katz Mulk + Hannah Ellul / Rebecca Wilcox (duo) + Otto Willberg (solo)

No Longer Available

Katz Mulk is an open invitation performance group featuring Ben Morris, Ben Ellul-Knight and Andrea Kearney with a rotating cast of collaborators. Over the past few years, Katz Mulk have developed a reputation for their mind-boggling live performances, infusing dance, sculpture and choreography with their slippery experimental electronic pop. Their most recent album vital attachments was released on the Klammklang label, which worked up songs performed as part of their performances at Counterflows Festival and a residency at Chapter Arts in 2019. Katz Mulk have performed in lots of places in the UK and EU, and only once have they had bananas thrown at them.

For this performance, Katz Mulk will present their recent collaborative work with the artist Mary Hurrell and the Creative Technologist Chris Ball. Katz Mulk commissioned Mary and Chris to create a series of costumes embedded with a wireless speaker system for dancers to play with and inhabit. Katz Mulk will be joined by Fay Nicholson.


Otto Willberg

Otto Willberg plays various bass instruments and lives in London. Live, Otto performs unashamedly melodic improvisational workouts created almost entirely with heavily filtered bass harmonica and electric bass. Strangely abstracted funk and fusion, a blend of the abstruse and immediate. silky smooth, luxurious, odd and compelling, "like listening to Eberhard Weber through a drainpipe”.

Otto is often heard on acoustic and electric bass with Laurie Tompkins (Yes Indeed) and Charles Hayward (Abstract Concrete//This Heat), as well as the fractured No Wave unit Historically Fucked. His previous solo releases have ranged from extended technique double bass to explorations of the acoustics of a 19th century artillery fort.

He has a solo record called ’The Leisure Principle’ out on Oren Ambarchi's the Black Truffle label. 6 unashamedly melodic & profoundly strange workouts for heavily filtered bass harmonica & electric bass!

Rebecca Wilcox & Hannah Ellul

Rebecca Wilcox lives in Glasgow and works with writing, audio and performance, often using voice as a tool. She's interested in apperception, infrastructures and the poetics produced between sensory engagements and the written and spoken word.

Hannah Ellul is a Glasgow-based musician and artist. She makes music as part of Human Heads and White Death. She is also the co-founder of Psykick Dancehall.

Together they have produced recordings and performances for BBC Tectonics Festival (2021), Takuroku (Cafe Oto, 2021), Radiophrenia (2020), and Tone Glow (2021).