Wednesday 26 January 2022, 8pm

Ecstatic @ Cafe Oto: Celestial (live) + Laila Sakini (live) + Not Waving (dj) + Spivak (live) + Teresa Winter (live)

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Ecstatic @ Cafe Oto
Celestial live
Laila Sakini live
Not Waving Dj
Spivak live
Teresa Winter live


Bathed in moonlight, ’I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night’ is the gorgeous debut by childhood friends Celestial, arriving in the glistening wake of 2021 gems on Ecstatic by Romance, Not Waving, Spivak, claire rousay & more eaze. Convecting a richly sanguine sound gleaned from a SequentialCircuits Sixtrak synth and Fender guitar with the results mottled to frail AGFA tape, it’s the modest and warm soul on display that speaks to a quieter side of the rainy city psyche, picking up a fine thread of etheric inspiration that leads back to The Durutti Column via Ry Cooder’s ‘Paris, Texas’ soundtrack and Iasos’ intoxicating new age, with a fragile, gauzy vision of instrumental songcraft ripe for getting lost in dappled fantasy.

Laila Sakini

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Laila Sakini hails from Melbourne’s diverse music scene, but currently dwells in London, her on and off home over the past few years. Her work combines sounds reminiscent of her personal history in both cities and the resultant dislocation of being frequently in-between.

Her debut solo album Vivienne on Total Stasis was commended for its emotional breadth and ellucidating ennui using a modest palette of piano, electronics and voice, earning Laila a place on many best of 2020 lists.

Surrounding this are significant sentimental forays into art-pop, trip hop and even dad rock in the form of various releases: Strada, Into the Traffic and Under the Moonlight, all on Boomkat Editions, as well as soundtracking spoken word poetry (collaborating with Melbourne poet Lucy Van) and a romantic mixtape through Purely Physical Teeny Tapes.

Practising classical piano as a child and shifting into a club DJ in her early 20s, Laila has performed worldwide across all forms of spaces, from dive bars and galleries to festivals and high-fashion parties. Often gracing radio stations from NTS to LYL, Dublab & Rinse FM, she's now taking the step to focus on composition and production, with Boomkat touting her as “producing some of the most vital and brittle music of our time.”

Not Waving

Not Waving aka Alessio Natalizia is a London-based Italian musician and NTS Radio resident DJ. His highly acclaimed albums 'Animals' (2016) and 'Good Luck' (2017) were released by Diagonal Records. He has collaborated with a myriad of notable artists such as Mark Lanegan, Jim O’Rourke, Marie Davidson, Jonnine Standish and Colin Potter amongst others.

His appetite for the avantgarde had led him to join special projects like the curating the compilation 'Mutazione - Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988' (Strut Records, 2013) or scoring ‘Futuro’ (Ecstatic, 2019), the sublime synth/environmental soundtrack to The Waldorf Project, one of the world’s most intense art/theatre experiences.

Constantly defying genres, Natalizia released ’How To Leave Your Body’ on Ecstatic Recordings in 2021. Its 11 songs pack ample amounts of nostalgia into a fantasy sequence of elegiac pop, skewed rave and midnight lullabies that fine-tune over 20 years of devotion to his craft, perfectly matching experimental restlessness with enduring pop appeal.


Maria Spivak (b. 1989, Limassol) is a musician and sound artist based in Cyprus. Her work is a play on the nuances and poetics of pop, exploring themes that allude to her myth-inspiring heritage in a folk-tainted voyage of esoteric explorations. Her debut LP, ΜΕΤΆ ΤΟ ΡΈΙΒ, released on Ecstatic Recordings in 2020, is a chiaroscuro blend of hypnagogic pop, smudged synths, and ambient electronics, infused with the spirit of the local DIY scene. Her tape release, Rare Backwards, was presented as an addendum to the LP in the same year.

Spivak has worked towards this seemingly effortless style and conception of atmosphere for a decade, flowering from MA studies in Architecture in the UK, to develop her roots in Cyprus, where she draws on the energies of a small but active local scene, as well as the island’s agitated recent history, against a backdrop of myth-inspiring topography, that all help imbue her style of sound sculpture with a distinctive, quietly conflicted soul.

Her lyrics rotate effortlessly from Greek to English, her live performances comprising intimate sonic liturgies with bursts of energetic and often deconstructed 90’s-inspired techno.

Teresa Winter

Teresa Winter is an artist that lives in Yorkshire. She has released music on Reckno, Death of Rave, Alter, Par Avion, Boomkat and Kashual Plastik. She has a PhD in Musicology that she wrote on the music of Delia Derbyhire for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and her creative work is informed by studies into the relation of electronic music to moderist and post-structuralist thought. Her approach to production and composition is experimental and intuitive integrating an interest in esoteric spiritual practices in order to engage with non-rational shades of meaning and experience.

Her latest album Motto Of The Wheel is draped in a dreamy, post-rave haze and features artwork produced by her father and childhood photographs of her family. It evokes aspects of the artist’s upbringing in the Yorkshire coastal town of Bridlington, filtered through her interest in philosophy and furnished by striking samples.

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