Teresa Winter

Teresa Winter is an artist that lives in Yorkshire. She has released music on Reckno, Death of Rave, Alter, Par Avion, Boomkat and Kashual Plastik. She has a PhD in Musicology that she wrote on the music of Delia Derbyhire for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and her creative work is informed by studies into the relation of electronic music to moderist and post-structuralist thought. Her approach to production and composition is experimental and intuitive integrating an interest in esoteric spiritual practices in order to engage with non-rational shades of meaning and experience.

Her latest album Motto Of The Wheel is draped in a dreamy, post-rave haze and features artwork produced by her father and childhood photographs of her family. It evokes aspects of the artist’s upbringing in the Yorkshire coastal town of Bridlington, filtered through her interest in philosophy and furnished by striking samples.