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Friday 24 May 2019, 7.30pm

clubcouture / Hyperlocal present: A night out with “WRACK-IT-HEAD”! – The Sesh

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A night out with “WRACK-IT-HEAD”!
The Sesh.

clubcouture is one of the shifting monikers of Curtly Thomas. Playing with the limitations of the club space, Thomas experiments with how music is performed by using competing references, samples and triggers to engage the audience. This time presenting a new edition of their culture -jamming/soundclash inspired, ‘participatory noise party’: “WRACK-IT-HEAD”! (usually held at Ormside Projects). Thomas will engage new and previous players live outside of the club space; aiming to redistribute the power of sound from audience, host and musician.


*Hyperlocal 2019 comes as six events - four in London leading up to the annual two-part festival in London and Buenos Aires.

Hyperlocal 2019 tendra 6 eventos en el 2019, cuatro en Londres sumado a los festivales en Londres y Buenos Aires.

This is Hyperlocal 2019 event 2 of 6.