Dale Cornish & Phil Julian – 6.2.17

The Two Ronnies, The Pet Shop Boys, Suicide and now Dale 'n' Phil. 6.2.17 marks the first live outing of much new material from these two excellent human beings - and it also marks possibly the only time we’ve seen proper heckling in OTO’s usually library quiet atmosphere. “It’s not Whitehouse definitely!” some blogger shouts, but what is? We can't repeat Dale's real retort - you'll have to download the whole thing for that, but we can say it often sounds like a landscape of embarrassing human phrasing dug up by Dale and slung back at the audience, to be consumed while Phil's bass line slowly shifts out of sync beneath you.  “Language is a nuisance” goes one of their ‘songs’, and they’re right, but if we’re going to keep on using it lets please put Dale Cornish in charge of the dictionary.  


Dale Cornish / vocals

Phil Julian / electronics


1. Role (0:00-3:11)

2. Exhibition (3:11-5:43)

3. Chairs (5:43-9:33)

4. Language Is A Nuisance (9:33-12:33)

5. Part Human (12:33-16:14)

6. Chip Shop (16:14-19:45)

7. Laughing Out (19:45-end)

(Download comes as one uninterrupted set of 23:15)


Recorded live at Cafe OTO on Monday 6th of Febuary 2017 by Shaun Crook. Mixed by James Dunn and mastered by Phil Julian. 


Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC

Video by NTS. 

Dale Cornish / Phil Julian (duo)

As a duo, Cornish and Julian have collaborated on an album and more recently, a 7" single "Laughing Out" for The Tapeworm:

Their work is a collision of Feldmanesque recurring asymmetric patterns and oblique references to pop music via broken test equipment and out of date software.

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