Friday 24 August 2018, 7.30pm

7 YEARS OF ALIEN JAMS: FOQL + Copy Corpo + Brood Ma + NOCHEXXX + rkss + Gary the Tall

No Longer Available

"Pounds like hardcore (of the drum and bass variety) injected with Xenomorph DNA" – Pitchfork on Brood Ma

Brood Ma

Brood Ma is the musical alias of artist James B Stringer, co-founder of Quantum Natives, and Werkflow, a games engine focused, digital arts studio. Brood Ma is a fractured, cybergothic nexus of tropes from weird literature, dystopian rave and high technology, presented in longform performances and recordings that resemble crisis scenarios as much as electronic mixes. The music tends to be oppressively psychedelic, evoking fourth-world entropy, embattled tax-havens, and the aesthetics of simulated combat. As well as a number of digital musical and visual releases on Quantum Natives, Brood Ma has released on labels such as Tri Angle records, Hemlock and Mantile records.

'casting distorted ripples through a bruised stretch of time' - The Wire


FOQL is the alias of Polish artist Justyna Banaszczyk who crafts heavy, elegant and hypnotic music, standing somewhere between obscure synths and the darker, more industrialized fringes of techno and cold wave/ post-punk influences. Detaching herself from the occasional boredom of techno, she also employs the best elements of the genre to shape her own unique sound - one that is as
danceable as it is sonically adventurous and atmospheric. Wavey synths and analog rhythmic patterns float into dense soundscapes or become immersed in lo-fi noise shards or melancholic soundscapes. Her association with such labels as Enfant Terrible, Pointless Geometry and Alien Jams also illustrate the vast scope of her activities.

Copy Corpo

Darek Pietraszewski also known as Copy Corpo is an improvisor and promoter of independent music, co-founding the cassette label Pointless Geometry. He creates music on electronic and electroacoustic objects. Together with Justyna Banaszczyk he organizes the Warsaw concert series focused on experimental music - "V / A - Various Artist". As VJ Copy Corpo, he creates visualizations based on feedback and video materials from VHS cassettes working within the aesthetics of analog glitch and psychedelic color structures. In his improvised sets he uses analogue video mixers, video cameras and other peripheral devices.


Steadfast at the fringes and fronds of UK electronica since the late '90s, Dave Henson a.k.a. NOCHEXXX has previously done the do for Ramp Recordings, Actress' Werk Discs, Type and Alien Jams over the last few years, forging a sort of eldritch, radiophonic cyberpunk that frankly sound like f**k-all out there. OK there are plenty of artists working with cranky, heatsick synth and drum machines right now, but few others do it with such an unhinged grasp of groove and feel for intricate sequence derangement. It's a fever dream of clattering yet deft machine funk, serving saltiest styles running the gamut from Drexciyan tics to the apocalyptic Shangaan Disco deviation, thru to combustible garden shed techno experiments and rudeboy salutes. Expect a dubplates set on the night with visuals from Plastic Horse.


rkss is an alias of Robin Buckley, a London based sound artist. They hold German and UK passports. Their releases on UIQ, Alien Jams, Where To Now? and more have explored the materiality of film sound, YouTube and EDM sample packs through the lens of house, ambient and computer music.

Buckley also runs a radio series for Resonance Extra called Lossless Communication, which explores sound discovery in the internet era. Other recent work includes a live improvised performance with Claire Tolan in Berlin, sound design for the art website and Brostep in the Style of Florian Hecker, a multi-channel composition available for download with limited edition lanyards and a game which offers a virtual environment for listening to the composition.

Gary the Tall

Gary the Tall is well known in the East London scene for his passion for obscure and often overlooked sounds. His long running NTS show, the Reign Set shines a light to the environs of outsider artists, paying particular attention to post-punk, synth, no wave & much more.

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