Steadfast at the fringes and fronds of UK electronica since the late '90s, Dave Henson a.k.a. NOCHEXXX has previously done the do for Ramp Recordings, Actress' Werk Discs, Type and Alien Jams over the last few years, forging a sort of eldritch, radiophonic cyberpunk that frankly sound like f**k-all out there. OK there are plenty of artists working with cranky, heatsick synth and drum machines right now, but few others do it with such an unhinged grasp of groove and feel for intricate sequence derangement. It's a fever dream of clattering yet deft machine funk, serving saltiest styles running the gamut from Drexciyan tics to the apocalyptic Shangaan Disco deviation, thru to combustible garden shed techno experiments and rudeboy salutes. Expect a dubplates set on the night with visuals from Plastic Horse.