Veryan Weston

Veryan Weston (born 1950) was awarded ‘Young Jazz Musician of 1979’ by GLAA. In the '80s, Veryan worked internationally with Lol Coxhill (with whom he made his first recordings – Ogun 525 and Random Radar), the Eddie Prévost Quartet. At this time, he also first met Trevor working in his band Moiré Music which used a unique combination of African rhythmic structures with the European musical tradition (Arc 02).

In the '90s, collaborations with Phil Minton whom he met through Trevor's Moiré Music included the Ways duos, Songs from a Prison Diary awarded the Cornelius Cardew composition prize, a quartet performing extracts from Joyce’s Finnegans wake (with Phil, John Butcher and Roger Turner), and 4Walls with Luc Ex and Michael Vatcher. And most recently - Ways for an Orchestra commissioned by the Angelica Festival (Bologna, Italy - 2017)

Collaborations with Jon Rose on the ‘Temperament Project’ use improvisation with different acoustic keyboards and violins with selected tunings derived from science, history and the imagination. Most recent project has included Hannah Marshall with the Tuning Out Tour (EMANEM double 4141). A trio project with John Edwards and Mark Sanders (EMANEM 4028, 4214, and 4205), the Trio of Uncertainty with cellist Hannah Marshall and violinist Satoko Fukuda (EMANEM 4141), Luc Ex in Sol6 (Red Note 15) which included saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock and Hannah Marshall in a trio called Haste. (EMANEM 5025).

‘Tessellations’ is an ongoing composition project based around research on pentatonic scales and has produced: 1. Tessellations for piano (EMANEM 4095), 2 a commissioned piece for Austrian singers - the Vociferous Choir (EMANEM 5015), 3 a string quartet, and 4 'The Make Project' – a Toronto-based project commissioned by Canadian Arts (Released – January 2018). An extension of these ideas has been with Hannah Marshall and Mark Sanders. Supported by ACE to produce a CD project now released on Hi4Head called 'Crossings'.

Featured releases

"The music you hear on this DL has a distinct urgency and excitement. It moves forward in a complicated, constantly mutating web of stylistic references to musical precedents within jazz and twetieth century music, overlapped in a restless search for new textures, moods, dynamic interludes, and possible resolutions. Some listeners may feel - as others have done in the past - that sections of the Quartet's music sounds like be-bop heard at a distance or in a dream. There is certainly something in this perception. But the likeness never goes beyond mood or the resemblance of incidental allusion. Perhaps there are changes of the instrument temporarily foregrounded in the ensemble that are reminiscent of devices for handling over solos in jazz, including be-bop.But you need only listen to the rhythmic and harmonic mutations and uncertainties, or to the continuously re-defined relationships the four instruments enter into with one another, to be made aware that the music never becomes stylistic imitation or pastiche" - Alan Durant. --- Larry Stabbins / tenor and soprano saxophones Veryan Weston / piano Marcio Mattos / double bass Eddie Prévost / drums --- DL re-release of material previously issued as an LP, together with additional music. Part 1 was recorded at the Bracknell Jazz Festival on the 3rd of July, 1983. Part 2 was recorded at Porcupine Studios London by Ted Taylor. Front cover artwork by Simon Picard

Eddie Prévost – Continuum

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